Tokidoki Playground on Miami Ink!!!

  1. Did anyone see Miami Ink last night?? Ami's friend came in for a tattoo and she was carrying a playground tokidoki purse...I couldn't tell if it was campeggio or andiamo but it was AWESOME!! I was drooling over the lattes!! I wasn't even paying any attention to her, I was checking out her bag the whole time! It was :supacool: .

    Now I want a playground campeggio or stellina...HELP!! Anyone know where I can find one besides the evil eBay??
  2. I don't know didn't Tokidoki Lover make a big list of what was available at the outlet when she was there. Not sure if that bag was on her list, though?
  3. I think she only had original print and black w/original print on the inside on her list but I'll check w/her...thanks!!
  4. OT. I saw it. I watch Miami Ink every Tuesday. I love that show. ^_^ I'll never get a tatoo but I like seeing the work they do.

    Anyway, I noticed her bag too! I was like "She has a Tokidoki :huh:." I really like the style of the bag after seeing it too. I'm glad you narrowed it down. Now I think I want one in that style:huh: ...
  5. I love that show too!! I want one of those bags too!!! :drool:
    There's a stellina on eBay right now but it's signed and kinda expensive....but check it out... eBay: SIGNED TOKIDOKI LeSportsac Playground Stellina bag +Qee (item 130086944911 end time Mar-08-07 13:12:05 PST)
  6. omg... my boyfriend think it'd be "so cool" if i had a tokidoki sleeve tattoo. he said the prints are so colorful that they'd make good tattoos. imma kill him. *lol*
  7. My BF and I always talk about getting toki tattoos!! I'd never do it b/c I'm sure in 10 years I won't be so into toki but it's a good idea right now!! Do it maya!!! LOL!!
  8. noooooooooooooo way!! i have no tattoos and i plan to stay that way!! the boyfriend on the other hand... *sigh* all i know is he's never getting any more tattoos!!! i'm gonna have to keep one eye open when i sleep in the near future when he becomes a tattoo artist! *lol*
  9. I don't have any tats either!! Neither does my BF but after watching miami ink he wants a tattoo!! He changes his mind every day about what it would be so I'm sure he won't be getting one any time soon. I know I'll never have one b/c I would never like something for as long as I'd have it...if that makes any sense!! A toki tattoo sure would be cute though...don't you think??
  10. You should have a latte tattoo :p
  11. I know, I know, I said that last night! I said I'd get 2 lattes in :heart: and instead of having Milk & Latte written on them I'd have Jen & John written on them and that would be me and my BF!! :graucho: I'm kinda considering it...but where to put it...I don't want it to be seen all the time but I want it in a place where it can be seen .... decisions decisions... :love:
  12. just remember... milk and latte will turn into sour milk and lumpy latte if not retouched every so often! hehehehe. i see so many older people with tattoos that are grungy, faded, or saggy...
  13. But that's the older tats . The ones they do now are so improved that the color doesn't fade and they stay nice for a long time. I got my tattoos 12 years ago and people see them and think they are new.
  14. This is a good point...I always worried about that. ILOVETOKIDOKI - is it true, they're better now so they look better longer??
  15. I think so , but I think it depends too on if you go out in the sun alot. Which I am sure you do . That will make them fade.