Tokidoki Pirata - What style are you getting/have gotten?

  1. Seems like many are planning on getting something from the Tokidoki Pirata line. I like the Campeggio but I already have that in the Paradiso so maybe I will get a different style. I am thinking the Gioco is cute but I have not had the chance to try that style on yet. Just curious what everyone else is planning on getting or already got.
  2. i want a buon viaggo!
  3. I ordered my buon viaggo today. I already have a couple of backbacks, the one strap backback, a zucca and a fanny pack. I just decided spur of the moment to get buon viaggio... I hope I like it.
  4. mrsjimmyh, congrats! How exciting to know you are getting it soon. I want to see these in person already.

    robotkitten, do you have a pic of your collection? I would love to see them as I am a new fan to Tokidoki.
  5. I bought a stellina, and definitely want a mamma mia when the style finally become available here! (I bought my mom a caramella- does that count?)
  6. Yes, it definitely counts. Post pics if you can. I want to get an idea of how the print looks on the bags. I hardly ever go to the mall where Lesportsac is so the day I finally get to go is the day I buy, lol.
  7. i'm gonna check out the new line w/friends tonite at our local lesportsac. i might want a ciao.
  8. I have a Ciao Ciao and a Denaro in the Inferno print.

    I want either a Gioco, or Buon Viaggo and a Denaro in the Pirata print.
  9. No pictures right now... but I'll try to take a couple when I get Pirates. I might sell my Foresta Zucca though. I've only used it once and since I have the Foresta backpack that I use all the time I sort of feel like it's a waste.
    I have a backpack and Zucca bag in Forest
    a backpack and fanny pack in Citta Rosa
    a nuvello in inferno
    and pirate in buen viaggio on the way
  10. I bought a Ciao Ciao in Pirata. :smile:
  11. definitely a pirata mamma mia for meeee :]
  12. I got a Ciao since Ciao Ciao is a bit big for me =(. Gioco is one of my favorite style tho =D. U should try it!
  13. I plan on getting a mamma mia pirata and a adios star zucca. I have denaros and caramellas in both pirata and adios star on the way. Now I just need my mamma mia and I'm going to hold out on the zucca for a while.
    I currently have a gioco, buon viaggio, bella bella, stellina, bambione, luna, angioletto, denaro and caramella's. I never owned across the body style bags such as stellina and bambione and now I love them. They are cute, comfy and convenient. I use my buon viaggio for school. I love it but at the same time you have to have the right stuff in it otherwise it looks slouchy and awkward but otherwise its one of my favorites. Gioco is cute but can be a pain to get in and out of.
  14. I got the gioco. I have a dolce and campeggio in citta rosa and inferno... thinking about a mamma mia in paradiso or adios star.
  15. Would like to get either a Mamma Mia or Ciao Ciao for Pirata. As for Adios Star, either a Buon Viaggio or Zucca. I don't have any of those bag styles yet, but I love my Ciao and Campeggio. I jst got the Gioco recently, have yet to put it to use, hehe.