Tokidoki Photoshoot!

  1. Had some fun with my Toki toys the other night, as well as some other toys. Just wanted to share XD


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    To view more, you can go to my flickr page :smile:
  2. How cute!! Elsie Flannigan is on Iflickr too. I want to get into photography!!!
  3. cute!! i recognize the treeson, ledbetter, gloomybear, cute lil mushroom and is that doma sweeties? hehehe...

    oh tehlilone! show us all your vinyls with your tokis toys ;)
  4. cute vinyls arisu!

    the only vinyls i have are a bunch of toki qees haha!

    tehlilone.. yeah post your toys too!!
  5. haha funnie cuz i just saw your photos the other day on flickr ^^
  6. OMG!! your photos are BEAUTIFUL!! great lighting :tup:.....i luv the little mushroom and the abominable snowman...i am trying to resist the toys, but now that i saw those two you have, i am in deep trouble (esp little mushroom)!!! where did you get them??? <resistance is futile!!!>
  7. nice shots! I'm trying hard to resist toys too...i'm broke...
  8. awww cuuute pics!!! You're a really good photographer Arisu!! :tup:
  9. fun shoot!!!
  10. The photos came out amazing. I especially like the way Sandy looks in then.^_^
  11. I just LOVE treeson. I'm sad they sold out before I could get one.
  12. Thanks everyone! It was really fun shooting them :smile:

    Bagme: Here's a full shot of the Mushroom set.


    I get my toys at Frank and Sons in City of Industry.

    There's only 3-4 vendors that sells toys I like but it's a GREAT place to go. Last month I went 3 weekends in a row ><
  13. Adorable, Arisu! Are you going to customize your Treeson?

    here is a list of online vinyltoys retailers in the US & other countries [see also this map of store locations].
  14. Great pics! The mushroom set is sOoo cute!
  15. You had an awesome photo shoot. The mushrooms are super cute.