tokidoki phone wallpapers....

  1. anyone have one on their phone. I just put one on mine and i really like it.... Sorry for the blurrines that my camera not the wallpaper

  2. ^^that's so cute! do you mind if i ask you where you got it from?
  3. i made it lol. I was bored.
  4. I put a toki image on my computer and take a picture of it with my cellphone, that's my tokidoki wallpaper
  5. heres mine, its pretty much my sig pic except taken with my phone :biggrin:


    crap its still big ;X it wont let me make it smaller in edit sorry
  6. wow you made it?! that's awesome! i wish i was that talented :yes:
  7. I have 2 I use on my iPhone:

    TokidokiHeavenSummer.jpg TokidokiInfernoSummer.jpg
  8. heheh the second is the same i use !
  9. [​IMG]
  10. ooooo iphone... im a die hard mac fan but att is on my poo poo list....
  11. When I get a phone with a better camera quality, I'll have a toki wallpaper! LOL Right now I just have a pic of my bf's dog :smile:

    I LOVE the screen for the iPhone cuz its HUGE!! :biggrin: My bf has one and his wallpaper is a picture of his car :push: Of course. haha It used to be of me and the dog but he says that picture pops up every time someone calls (unless they have their own picture) so yeahhhhh..
  12. oh I love your toki wallpapers!!! :heart:
  13. I hate AT&T ever since they became Cingular, and then changed back. However, I prefer GSM over CDMA. I still have my old verizon phone, so best of both worlds, I suppose. I've already hacked the iPhone quite a bit, so I have to be careful about setting it up with another carrier :/
  14. Heres an old one i had...

    but now its a picture of the swan with the two cactus ppl from my transporto haha but i dnt have a pic of it
  15. i'm jealous of your cute wallpapers. i wish i could put one on my sidekick, but it's ancient. i guess i'll have to wait until i get a new one *sigh*