Tokidoki Paradiso - where can I find one?

  1. Hi,

    To all Tokidoki fans, do you know where I can find a Tokidoki Paradiso? I tried Macy's and Nordies but I could not find the print. Only Bloomingdales but they still have it at regular price.

    May be I should say that I am looking for a Paradiso bag on sale.

  2. eBay is always a best bet. Plus urban outfitters has them for sale. (unsure if they have them anymore, but you can check the website. just type in Tokidoki)

    HTH! :biggrin:
  3. I'm not sure if they're on sale yet. I saw them at Macy's today, but they were regular price. I heard that the factory stores should be getting them sometime soon. You can call them if you don't live by one and they'll send it to you.
  4. Azeala Onlne usually has a range of Tokidoki items: bags, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. Their website is
  5. Thank you guys! Turtlejd, do you have the phone numbers of the factory stores? I don't have one close to me.
  6. If you go to this link:

    LeSportsac Store Locations

    Scroll down and it lists their 3 factory stores. You can call them all and they'll tell you what they have or if they have them in stock. If you live in a state without a lesportsac store, they'll also comp the sales tax.
  7. I saw some at my local Macy's a few days ago, there was not much left. But they were still at retail. You can always wait for one of the sales that they have to see if it gets marked down.
  8. if you have a coupon for Macy's I know it will take the coupon. it is not an excluded item.
  9. I wish I have a coupon for Bloomies :s