Tokidoki Original print!

  1. Okay guys!! So I totally scoped out the Lesportsac Waikele outlet (here in Hawaii) and I checked out what they had in Tokidoki. They had original print, black with original print on the inside (kinda weird, because they have the older qees with the orig black print. the SA told me that was the 3rd shipment of tokidoki original, im thinking maybe a re-issue?)and one print in citta. All are 30% off of the prices im gonna list next to the item (sorry guys, do your own math!! :p ) If you want I can go and pick em up and we can work something out so you dont have to worry about print placement or spend so much on shipping/ect. But if you want it faster or if you dont feel comfortable having me do it you can just call them and have them send it to you!! Hope this helps guys!! :graucho: (808) 686-9788 is the phone # there!

    Black with original print on the inside
    (Disclaimer: has newer white qee with the bags instead of the original ones)
    bella bella-182

    Original print
    (with the right qees :heart: )

    Citta grey
    (only one style)

    Can you believe I went there and didnt get ANYTHING? My birthday is coming up, I want to get a tokidoki but im leaning more towards a canguro or a caramella. ahh I think im going back tomorrow and getting the black canguro. I was thinking of getting a caramella in black because it would be too cute for simone to draw latte and mozzarella!! :yes: :graucho: :heart:
  2. ooooooooooooh i'd be interested in an original print (with old qee) bella

    hmmm how many did they have? and how is the placement?? i'm looking for lattes, rainbows... mostly
  3. toooooo bad they dont have forestas!! you got me thinking whether i should get an original print...hmmmmmmm
  4. Good work tokidoki lover! I'll have to think about whether or not I want another Tokidoki. My credit card is on fire right now I've made too many purchases in the past week. Trying to play Tokidoki catch up.
  5. ah. i'm with BLACKWIDOW.. i've definately spent too much money.. but that original print in andiamo is so tempting...

    but what i really want is a Angioletto in the original print :p
  6. Wow...that's awesome...YOU ROCK!! What did you go in there w/pen and paper and write down all the prices?? :graucho:

    I have to tell you that I too was confused as to why the black bags w/orignal print inside were coming w/the regular old qee but they have always come like that even from the beginning. If you go to and look through the older ads when the orginal print bags were in the stores they have pics of the black ones and even ads w/the black ones with the white toki qee we all have 100 long story short all the black bags always had the qee we get now!! First season there were 3 qees available then second season they only made the one we get now available!!
  7. LOL I was gonna just memorize them but they had so many black ones that I took out a pen and paper and wrote them all down!

    I didnt know that about the qees! You learn something every day!! I feel bad now because I was kinda harassing the SA asking why the older qees were on the black and it shouldnt be like that!! :love:

    Cupcakes- I didnt ask to see all the bags for print placement. Original print is nice for placement because its pretty repetative. THey said they didnt have alot left. But i dont know if that was a ploy to get me to buy more or if they are really running low.
  8. So does that make a Scuola $145.60? (Plus tax and stuff) I suck at math but I think that's about right.
    Do you want to get me one and I'll paypal you the money? ;) :graucho:
    I loved the original print when it came out but I talked myself out of buying it. Now I reaaally need it.
  9. Thanks for sharing this info!!
  10. If you had told me you did memorize all that stuff I'd have cracked up! Your list was so detalied I couldn't believe it. I want the caramella in original if you ever happen to see one please pick it up for me. I will reward you hansomely !!! :love:

    I didn't know the story about the qees either until the black/orignal bags started popping up at Macy's and my BF and I harassed the SA there saying they had to have the older qees somewhere in the store!! We made her search high and low for them but of course she didn't find them. The whole thing didn't make any sense to me. Plus the tags on the chain showed that white qee's I was thinking what's the deal I went to tokidoki's website and low and behold...season 1 there were 3 qees offered!! Man I felt dumb!!
  11. ^^ LOL thats how I felt yesterday after I read your story. I was telling the SA, well, this must be a re-issue because (and i pick up the qee) THIS is wrong. Do you know why?? And he was like... uhh, let me go talk to my manager...

    so I wasnt AS bad as you, but, you know. :biggrin:
  12. That's so funny how we thought we knew what we were talking about so we completely harassed the sales associates! Turns out we were WRONG!! hahahhahahahaha....but they understand b/c they know the customer is ALWAYS right!! :graucho:
  13. Tokidoki Lover, thanks so much for the info! Do you know if they have any playgrounds or forestas?
  14. I went today and was so bummed to walk out without anything. I want the caramella but they only had it in the black with the original print inside. And I wanted the Citta bambione but it wouldn't fit everything I need. So bummed. I wonder when the next set of prints will arrive at the outlets.
  15. Thanks for the info. I called to see if they had anymore Luna style Original prints in stock but they said to call back tomorrow. :confused1: Maybe he wanted to go home early?

    I guess I'll have to wait...