Tokidoki original print bella...Or Bella Bella... Help!

  1. So I live in Hawaii and Bellas over here are 150 because of the markup. Well ive been looking for another original print (I have a dolce) and the one outlet we have here has them (both bella and bella bella) My friend got the Bella Bella and I really like the size of both. With the discount and tax everything turns out to be 104.00 for the bella and 120.00 for the bella bella (which over here is like 180) Which one should I get? I just sold one of my bags on eBay so I have the cash for either one... just not both.. Hehe!
  2. Get the Bella Bella, it holds more!
  3. Bella Bella gets my vote!! I absolutely LOVE the bella bella and that's a GREAT price for it!! I got my original bella bella from eBay and with shipping I think it was around $123. I can fit everything I need to carry perfectly in my bella bella. I have the bella bella in original print, Black w/original print on the inside, olive cammo and playground. If they still made bella bella I'd have one in every print!
  4. I have two bella bella's so go with the bella bella, you wont be disappointed.
  5. thanks guys! I went to lesportsac today to look at the print placement and found an awesome bella bella. Its hard to get a good one because of the zippers. Im had them put it on hold until i read the posts here (OMG, how crazy is that!) and im going to definantly buy it tomorrow. Its really nice to have this kind of feedback!!! Thanks!!
  6. That's what we're here for!! Did you go back and buy it?? You're going to LOVE it!
  7. Tokiliciousjenny- lol yup! I got it! Perfect placement too! I had to have the full body sandy and the little blue star (I didnt have it on my dolce) When I got all my other things from my dolce inside i was like.... whoa! This is big! But when I put it on it slouches down and looks nice. Im really glad I got it. I just kinda laugh when its on the table because it looks so huge. I must say it looks much better on. And im so happy I got it practically for free, since i used the money from another bag I sold! Yay! :biggrin:
  8. Please post pic if u have time :p I would like to see it !
  9. Nice work, you can't beat a practically free bag!! I absolutely LOVE how the bella bella looks when it's on. I have the full body Sandy on mine too!! I feel like mine has the perfect print placement too. I don't remember a blue star though...I'm going to look at mine now. I Love the Latte! What kind of store did you buy it at, a LeSportsac outlet?
  10. yep. at the one outlet store we have here in hawaii. I didnt know there was a blue star either until i looked at one of my friends mamma bag and saw it. it is right next to the little blue tulip flower and the rainbow. kinda to the left of the full sandy.

    azumie- i will post pics up soon. just figting with the uploading on the comp.. lol
  11. Ohhhhh yeah, I see it, it's smaller than the red star. It's waaay cuter too!!

    The adios star print has the tulip on it and I want one with the tulip!! My Caramella almost got it on really doesn't have any good characters they're all almost on it! Too bad!!
  12. nice!!!!! :nuts:
  13. that's a nice bella bella...congratz!
  14. thanks! I like it!:heart: