Tokidoki Online Discounts? Before I change my mind!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just got back from 10 days in beautiful Hawaii! A ten hour plane trip later I've been up for 24+ hours straight and am STILL in spending mode :graucho:.

    There were a ton of Le Sportsacs located in Honolulu...but as you've gathered from the ladies here they cost a significant amount more there than in the mainland.

    So I told myself I wouldn't buy a Tokidoki there...but I would wait until I got home and see if there's anything floating around for discounts online...I told myself two maybe three if I waited and found a decent discount....

    So before I collapse and change my mind...anyone know of any online retailers with current discounts?


    BTW I saw the Spiagga at the airport last night...but Le Sportsac was closed...its GORGEOUS!
  2. Macy's 20% off coupon codes are generally easy to come by (I may have an extra code if you need it), but then you have to pay shipping unless you have a higher Macy's card with free shipping benefits.
  3. Not the HNL airport eh? Just making sure.

    Btw, if you went to the outlet in Waikele..they actually had a sale. IDK if they still had it, but that would've been the best prices in Hawaii for a toki.

    Try calling Pulse. They still have Spiaggia, but I doubt that's going to be discounted any time soon.

    If you're looking for discounts on other prints, there are too much places to mention that are doing discounts right now. You can check around the forum, there's tons of info in other threads. South Hampton has alot of sales. You can check that thread and call them :biggrin:
  4. The 3 outlet Lesportsac stores (listed on their website under store locater) have paradiso & inferno prints in various styles at 25% off. Some styles of Cammo playground prints at some of these three at 50% off. Karmaloop has discount using a rep code you can find on the tokidoki blog site.
  5. JessakaMitz, yes, it was in the Honolulu airpoirt. I was flying out of gate like 16 or something and it was in this shopping area before the gates.

    Thanks for the help, guys, I'll have to start calling around and seeing what I can dig up.
  6. Wait, wait, we have Spiaggia @ our airport, but not in the Ala Moana Lesportsac? That's so weird.
  7. Yeah...I was at Ala Moana the week before and they didn't have it...then all of a sudden they had it at the air port when I was leaving, and the poster was changed too (the other stores had the Pirate poster up).

    Also...not sure what the other big shopping area is had most of the Ala Moana stores but it was two sides of a street...I think they have Le Sportsac there as well if you weren't farmilliar with it, and there's one in the Hilton Hawaiian Village (I went into all of them, lol)...they all did not have Spiagga when I was there...but that was like the 5th of May so maybe it just wasn't out yet.