Tokidoki on the streets!

  1. I didn't want to confuse people by putting
    "sightings" in the title because there are already a few threads that are more related to sightings in stores, but basically I wanted to start this thread for people to post when they see people wearing toki stuff when they're out and about. :idea: (I got the idea from a car forum I post on, and everyone posts when they see our model car driving around in the hopes of maybe that person is also on the forum - they usually arent tho lol)

    So, today I went to this festival at the college I work at. I had switched from my Adios Star zucca to my Paradiso dolce. And then I saw a girl wearing an ADIOS STAR CANGURO!! I got soooooo excited! But I realized I wasn't wearing the zucca, and I didn't know if she was as big a Toki freak as me - I think it would have been easier to go up and start talking to her if I had my Adios print on too. :sad:

    Other recent sightings:
    Last month when I was on my Toki hunt in NYC, I saw an older woman a few blocks from the Madison Ave Lesportsac store wearing a Paradiso Ciao Ciao, and then when I went downtown, I saw a girl wearing an Original Print Ciao Ciao on Broadway near Houston St.
  2. Just today I saw a girl with A ciita Rosa Nuvola... & my almost 3 y.o son pointed out that she has TOKIDOKI and wanted to go near her...I have seen other pl with Ciita Rosa Nuvola, Inferno Campeggio, Foresta Cucciolo, Original Scuola, Original Stellina, Foresta Mamma Mia, Original Ciao, Inferno BV, Foresta Stelinna..The list just go on and on.. and I am very excited if I see ppl wearing them !
  3. Oh yeah.. I almost forgot, Last week in SF I saw a guy wearing a Pirata Campeggio too! My HD said his gf/wife must have forced him to wear it ..HAHA :roflmfao:
  4. Just last night at the movies I saw a girl wearing a inferno bambinone and another one with a foresta bv :smile:
  5. when i was at work (hallmark, san diego) there was a lady with an inferno tote and matching denaro. i even commented on it! she was very nice. :yes:

    at my school there is a girl who has a citta rosa ciao.
  6. not necessarily - my bf almost got an inferno ciao ciao, but then realized "wtf will i use this for?" - he wishes there was a better messenger style bag. and my guy friend who's obsessed with pirates, well, if he knew where to get pirata print he'd probably be wearing one too lol! :p
  7. At my school, I've seen an inferno stellina and a paradiso buon viaggio. I saw a girl walking down the street with a pirata campeggio. I saw another girl with a playground buon viaggio. At the mall, I saw a girl with an inferno zucca. When I was at work, I saw a girl with a pirata buon viaggio. I also know a girl who has a canguro in playground and one in the original print.

    Yeah I see a lot of Toki. :yes:
  8. One of my students has a Fumo Buon Viaggio she sometimes carries to class. After I got my Adios Star Zucca (which is my staple) we talked Tokidoki. She says she has the plain gray because the others are "too crazy." Just like her professor. :biggrin:

    Every so often I see someone in Manhattan with one, and I point it out to my boyfriend. Both of us have radar for certain things, so he doesn't think I'm nuts.
  9. I'm in the bay area too and was using my pirata bv this weekend....where do you work??
  10. Wow you guys see people with tokidoki all over the place... I've never seen another one actually worn where I live- though I'm sure some people must have them because I saw them at Nordstroms...
  11. There's no sense for me to write individual sightings since they're EVERYWHERE in Hawaii... I was out for just two hours tonight, going to Ala Moana and Don Quijote, and I saw at least five people wearing tokidoki. Haha. And last night on the news a woman had an Amore gioco. They're everywhere here... which kinda sucks.

    I wore my Spiaggia zucca today for the first time. When I was in Shirokiya buying a new camera (PINK Cybershot - PIIIIIIIIIINK!!!) this teenager was just staring at my bag while her mom was paying for something. *lol* She just kept looking and looking...
  12. lolll.. i used to post on a car forum too! i was spotted once or twice!

    anyway, i saw an asian lady with a paradiso gioco today while i was at work..
  13. i remember when we were at a store, my daughter ran up to me and whispered kinda loudly.. 'mom.. look... that girl has a tokidoki fanny pack -the adios!" haha.. I said.'where?' then she points to her.. and i'm all shoving her hand down so she doesn't make it look so obvious haha! it was funny.

    Then another time at N County Fair mall, she spots a lady at Starbux in line. I glanced and she had on a cute Gioco. =) Sheesh, my daughter is spotting em faster than i could! lol
  14. i know much people have it here eh? junkies lol. hahahaahhaa i can sooo see some teenage girl eyeing your bag lol.
  15. I don't really see a whole lot of people with Toki yet here in SD. Not like how you say everyone has em in Hawaii. So when I do spot someone, i'm all :nuts: ooooo a toki!! Hahaha..

    I did get 2 of my friends hooked just last week! It was funny. Now they're all calling Casey at Pulse. So maybe more peeps will start wearing em here? Actually one of them (her daughter) was already hooked way before I was!