tokidoki on sale at

  1. oooooo a sale =) Thanks for the info ;)

    I was just reading your sig, Happy Late B-day! Looks like you got lots of goodies hehe Very nice!
  2. yeahh i got that email...too bad i have no $$$ lolz.
  3. thanks! I really want the I ( ) LA sweatshirt! but I think a men's med is just too big!
  4. yup girl, i feel ya on that. having no $$$ sucks!:crybaby:
  5. thanks for the link :smile:
  6. I like that tokidoki dress but there's no shape to it at all... it'll just hang over my huge boobages and make me look like I'm pregnant. :tdown: Unless I always stood against the wind so the dress would form against my body. Hahahaha.

  7. you know I checked 2 hrs after i got her email and practically everything was sold out :sad:

  8. lmfao i can understand that hahahahha....i was thinkin maybe i would buy that and have someone cut it up and make me a skirt lolz.
  9. I'm such a spaz ... the pink momobella hoodie was on sale at karmaloop for $45 and I thought I didn't want it ... now that I do, it's all sold out. So what do I do ... buy it from JapanLA cuz of the sale. Ahhh it's a good price but it kills me that I could have gotten it cheaper .. argh :push:
  10. Aww, that's too bad...this kind of stuff ALWAYS happens to me. Look on the bright side at least you were still able to get your hands on it and it was still on sale! ;)
  11. yeahhhh i remember it on karmaloop too but i had to refrain from gettin it cuz of my ban and now i want to kick myself.
  12. I bought it from karmaloop awhile ago but returned was way too pink & cutesy for me!!
  13. I love the ribcage hoodie so much. I wish it came in smaller sizes, like the momo hoodie.