Tokidoki on Live Journal?

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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you knew of some popular and/or informative Tokidoki journals on LJ?? I'd really like to join some communities over there, as I've just revamped my LJ and am always looking to learn more about Tokidoki. Thanks in advance for any help you may give! ^_^
  2. There's ShopTokidoki that you can join (read the directions carefully - I got rejected the first time becuse I didn't follow directions) and Tokiholics that I know of.
  3. I like:
  4. yep. everything that is mentioned above. but i find that ladies here are much more helpful... and the threads are more organized here... but thats my opinion. i love LJ nonetheless though.
  5. I use to go on LJ, way back then. It would have been nice to find this long ago!

    Thanks for the tip on the tokidoki LJ.
  6. Thanks for the links gabes_mommy and taeha! I've friended tokidoki_it and shoptokidoki thus far. I too enjoy the TPF and the Tokidoki.It forums more so, but it's always nice to have a variety of sources to quench my tokidoki cravings! ^_^

    Tokipoki, I didn't realize you were from MN until just now when I looked at your location! It's awesome to see another MN Toki lover! :smile:
  7. Indeed it's awesome! haha what part of MN are you from :biggrin:? Doesn't it suck we don't have that many tokidoki carrying stores here ONLY at the MOA =[

    And to be on topic I will try to go back on LJ just to be apart of the tokidoki community!
  8. It totally sucks that we don't have more stores that carry Tokidoki! I found my first Toki (an OP Bella Bella) at my local Macy's two springs ago, but that was a total fluke and I think someone was just returning their extras. Otherwise Bloomies, MetroPark, and Urban are our only other sources. :sad: Actually, I haven't even Toki at Urban's since early summer. Oh well, at least we have all these great Internet sources! :tup:

    I'm just south of the Twin Cities actually, near a pretty big suburb called Apple Valley. I'm about 25-30 mins from the MOA, so it's nice! My husband and I are actually moving at the end of the month though. Hopefully not too much further as we want to remain close to our jobs, but I guess we'll see!
  9. Ohh Apple Valley! Very nice out there! ^_^. haha the traffic shouldn't be too bad going down? Depending on where you work!

    Wow your first toki at Macy's? Yeah it's really weird to know that everyone else finds their bags are Macy's and currently ours is at Bloomies! Grrr. I never found a tokidoki bag at Urban! I remember seeing a denaro on the UO website, and it was gone. Metro is my favorite place to go at the MOA! Tokidoki bags and clothes! And the clearance are pretty nice since it's 50% off. I would agree on the internet sources! :biggrin: Actually I didn't know there was another tokidoki forum board.. so I just registered there!

    Anyways! it's great to know there are other tokidoki lovers FROM MN! here! ^____^ Are there any more? I know I saw GreenBird's post! :biggrin:
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