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  1. WHY does someone list a bag that is current, one that anyone can buy off the LeSportSac website (or a dozen other places) for more than the retail price?

    There is a Pirata Bambino listed right now for $190 BIN. It retails for $108.

    There is a Pirata Ciao Ciao listed for $180 BIN (Regular starting bid of $170) it retails for $160.

    There is a Pirata Zucca listed for $229 (regular starting bid of $219). It retails for $184.

    There are Adio and Pirata Dolces listed for $10 over the retail price.

    I understand paying more for an older print, but not Adios or Pirata!!

    Buyer Beware.
  2. Possibly because of perfect print placement?
  3. maybe for international buyers? since its kinda hard to get tokidoki outside the US?
  4. Wishful thinking?
  5. There is something to be said for seeing the actual print placement of the bag you are buying but to pay that huge amount over retail...I'd rather take my chances through a business where I can return the bag if I don't like what I end up with!
  6. In places like Hawaii, the prices are much higher so it might save us a couple of dollars or it might be the same. For a little while, the Pirata Gioco was sold out so someone here that was desparate might have been willing to pay the price. I think the Ciao Ciao and Gioco over here is $195.
  7. Did you get your bracelet?
  8. Not yet but they will call me when it comes in because they had already ordered them and I am first on the list. I also called Japanla but they raised the price to $55 now.
  9. Yes, that's the one I want.
  10. Yup the rates apply here on Guam as well...if i can remember vaguely..these are the prices over here..(i might be a few bucks below or above..havent been to the store in a long while)

    Denaro and Carmella-$83
    Dolce, Bella, Bambino-$130
    Bambinone and Mamma Mia-$157
    Ciao- $145
    Nuvola- $222

    so it sure did cost me an arm and leg to get it here...
  11. omg portatelefono for $108?!! holy! crazy prices
  12. Lesportsac online shop: 100 shipping to Mexico.

    But I'm lucky, I don't like pirata and adios.

    To buy my amore stellina I will visit the new lesportsac Mex.
  13. $100???? Wow, you could buy 2 items (The one you ordered plus the one you could afford for $100) with that amount of money.
  14. Yes, it's unfair :crybaby: