Tokidoki News!!!

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  1. My local LeSportsac store (NYC - Soho) called me today and told me that they had 3 Tokidoki spring prints in already! I just went down there and was the first one to buy one, right out of the shipping box. :smile: I got a Pirata Ciao Ciao. They also had the black & white stars print and the plain white print.

    Now, here is the bad news:

    1. They did NOT get the Amore print in!! They said that LeSportsac stores might not even receive it at ALL, and if they do, it will be in the summer. Maybe some department stores will get it, though. I was really bummed.

    2. This IS the last season of Tokidoki LeSportsac bags! After Spring 07, that's it, except for the possibly-straggling Amore print.
  2. EDIT: My friend and I e-mailed LeSportsac to find out what was up with the Amore print, and got this response:

    "Thank you for your interest in the tokidoki for LeSportsac bags. We are
    producing the Amore print in question and it will be shipping to stores
    starting 3/25/07."

    They also added that:

    "There will also be new prints for Summer 07, Fall 07
    and Holiday 07."

    So more local store was totally WRONG. :p
  3. Can you get the pirata online yet?
  4. but when it lesport sac gonna carry it on their site?!
    you know you have to send pictures now. it's not an option, lol.
  5. Oh Lambfashionista:
    thanks for the heads up. My office is in Soho and maybe I will head there for lunch tomrrow and check out the new prints!

  6. yumm, i want to get a gioco!!! im gonna wait for the new prints.
  7. This is the bag I bought!

  8. I looove it! Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait!! :yahoo:
  9. ooooooooooooo i want L'Amore! buts thats kul that those r out already, i wonder when theyll be on the site? thanks for the info!
  10. EEeeeeeeeeeeeeek, I love that bag so much I almost can't handle it!


  11. Congrats :drool:
  12. Thats so cute and I was thinking about getting a ciao ciao in pirata.
  13. Did you see any new style's of bags?
  14. The pirate print is so cute! I definitely want something in it.
  15. very cute! I'm new to the tokidoki line, but I've been eyeing the pirata print! Did they have the mini ciao ciao in pirata by any chance? thanks!