tokidoki newbie.

  1. i have been loving tokidoki lately but im not sure where to get them and i need to know the price range before i get them.
    im very interested in the "Scuola" bag in the Pirata or L'Amore print. what is the price in Canadian dollars and where can i get them in canada?
    is the "Scuola" bag this season Spring season's or last season's?
    also is their any stores in vancouver that sell tokidoki clothing?
  2. ALSO
    if anyone has the "Scuola" in any print, could you post pictures?
  3. in vancouver i know that voltageland sells some bags and clothing, heres their website:
    i've ordered a few things from them before :smile:

    also the satchel shop sells bags as well :smile:

    those are the only places i know of so far ^_^
  4. Sorry, I can't give you any links to stores in Canada that sells them. You might want to check out eBay.

    But welcome to The Purse Forum :biggrin:
  5. thank you guys but i dont think i can order online. but thanks anyways.
    im going to go check out voltageland sometime this week,
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  7. welcome to the madness, Fragrance!