Tokidoki Myspace Group

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  1. Tokidoki Myspace Group:graucho:
  2. heh, I'll check it out when I go home...ahhhh work doesn't allow us to go on myspace lol.
  3. Hehe. I just joined! =]
  4. hehe just joined... just curious. is anyone part of facebook? I know snoopa found me on there altho she hasn't been on here in a very long time I don't think :hrmm:
  5. I joined.
  6. I'm on Facebook! I always feel like I am too old for MySpace... :p
  7. Haha. I just joined, even though all I ever do is check messages and that's about it. I write a bulletin once in a blue moon and a blog even less than that!
  8. I joined :smile:
  9. I joined!
  10. Just joined too ^__^
  11. Will join now. My myspace username venaecavae
  12. ive been a member for a while :p
  13. Yeye, I joined. :smile:
  14. You can count me in too
  15. i joined! i'm on facebook too!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.