Tokidoki Mozzarella, Sandy, Sabochan, and Polpettina

  1. Hey guys, I just went to Toys & Joys (Kaimuki, Hawaii) tonight and I saw that they had quite a few of the tokidoki vinyl dolls!!

    About 5 Mozzarellas.. 6 Sandys and Sabochans.. and abouut 8 or so Polpettinas! (Sorry, no Bastardino)

    Mozzarella, Sandy, and Sabochan were $29.95 each and Polpettina was around $20. Have you guys seen them cheaper on online sites/mainland stores? I saw some for a couple of dollars cheaper (about 2) but the shipping doesnt make it worth it.

    Should I just get them from here? I need them all (except Polpettina.. I have her) Bleh~

    (P.S. UrbanzToys has the DIY Mini Munny Mobile.. hehe I got one!)
  2. Oh wow Dana...hmm maybe I should get a mozarella from there? hmm.
  3. OT: Oh, I wish every day that I lived in Hawaii. So does the youngun. Not that I want to pay extra for things, but well, I'd really just like to live anywhere else so I could get Toki stuff. But the point of this was that I LURV Toys N Joys. They hooked me up with a crucial Totoro Christmas gift for way less than anywhere else. Ok, I'm done now. :yes:
  4. I just went to Toys and Joys yesterday too! They said that they would be getting more tokidoki stuff in... I asked the SA what kinds of stuff... he said he had no idea....
    But at least they think they're getting more tokidoki