tokidoki moofia figurines

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  1. hey!
    just wondering if anyone knows a place where id be able to trade these figurines, online or in person. they come in blind boxes and i have doubles of leche, bottle milk, and soya milk. dont want to risk getting anymore doubles. btw im from toronto.
  2. Oooo, PM'd!
  3. Oh no, wait...I HAVE soya. Doh. I got all excited there. Do you need the Japanese milk, I have a double of him...

    look under arts & accessories, toys
  5. oh whoops...i didn't read your thread correctly...sorry!
  6. i have doubles of the big bottle (not baby bottle) if anyone needs one. i think i need soya and japanese if either of you wants to trade or work something out that way. i have like 4 of the big bottle. i can start an army of them.
  7. its a place in hawaii but there is a sub forum there for vinyls.. its a super cute store too, they just need to sell more things! haha
  8. VTF Marketplace. Maybe someone on there could trade with you. It's people from all over the place.
  9. What about selling them on eBay and then bidding on the ones you don't have? I got all my minions from eBay so I wouldn't get doubles lol.
  10. I had a double as well, but I sent it to Lattegrl last week. It was a Leche. You can probably sell them on ebay like Jessaka said. I would first try exchanging with fellow TPFers though.
  11. I need to get a few blind boxes :lol: I have the urge to go out today for my lunch break... wish me luck :smile:
  12. Mel is sooo sweet! She sent it to me for free:yahoo:
  13. I need soya and I have an extra baby bottle ;)
  14. sorry about the late reply...havent been on for awhile and then i realized this thread was pages later. and would u like to trade!!! :nuts: the baby bottle was the one figurine i really wanted to get and i cant believe i didnt get it after getting 8 blind boxes.
  15. I just ordered 4 more blind boxes from Bazaar Adriatic last night. I'll let you know what I come up with! So far I have Leche, Latte & Japanese Milk. If I get any doubles, I'd definitely trade :smile: