Tokidoki Money

  1. How much have you all spent on Tokidoki products? Show us the breakdown, we wanna know! I wonder how much we all have spent together.

    Citta Rosa Bella - $180
    Paradiso Bella - $180
    Original Bella - $110
    Amore Gioco - $204
    Caramella - $68
    Tokidoki Black (original inside) Denaro - ~$70
    Amore Denaro - $64
    9 Toki shirts (including bf's) - $318
    2 iPod iSkins w/ matching earphones- ~$100
    Crossbone earrings - $36 w/shipping
    Latte Necklace - $42 w/ shipping
    Playground bracelet - $51 w/shipping
    Smashbox Mirror - ~$40
    Smashbox Lipgloss - $18
    Polpettina - $12
    2% milk - FREE (mom bought for me)
    Latte - $11
    Baby Bottle - $8

    TOTAL: $1,512

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  2. It would take me days and days to list all my stuff like that but I did total only the bags a few days ago b/c Tokidoki :heart: er and Robotkitten asked me to and my total was in the neighborhood of $3,800 on bags and caramellas toys, t's, hoodies, jewelry :nuts:
  3. Dang JenY, on bags alone?!?!?! :wtf: I thought I was pretty bad LOL.
  4. hmm this has only been a recent thing for me, about 3-4 months but...

    about 350 and that is for a zucca, luna, carmella, and a mamma mia. So pretty good overall!

    I could easily see my bonus check going to a whole lot of things I don't need, but want ;)
  5. OMG. I just totalled it. around $1350 on bags alone. around $275 on tshirts, jewelry, and toys. so about $1600 total. :wtf:

    I guess that's not TOO bad though... considering you could buy maybe ONE LV or chanel with that. And I have.... 13 tokidoki bags plus toys and clothes!!! :nuts:
  6. DANG, wtf. You spent around the same amount as me, Hazelnut and you got 12 BAGS?!@?!?!
  7. I just scared myself.
  8. OMG, scare me. Please, I want to know how much you spent, DreamsofToki LOL.

  9. Jessaka - I have been lucky, and only paid retail on 3 of my bags. one, my original dolce, I paid over retail. and I bought a lot of small bags, I have 5 (!) dolces. and two bambinos. and one carmelllina.
  10. Not as much as TokiJenY :smile:
  11. hazelnut - ahhhh, I see. Now it makes sense :biggrin: idk, I can't see myself using small bags so I guess that's why I get medium/large bags lol...all paid retail :sad: HAWAII retail at that..grrr...well except the original...
  12. I'll figure out when I get home! :lol: I have to see my receipts in order to figure it out... but I also sell so should I factor those in also? :confused1:
  13. I'm not telling!!!
  14. This is in Canadian funds....

    Ciao ciao: $230
    Denaro: $30
    Canguro: $150
    BV: $150
    Necklace: $50
    3 minions: $35

    Just under $650...or I guess something like 550 American? I am never going to let my mom know...I made sure she didn't see my BV last time I saw her, already....

    Better not tell hubby what it adds up to...

    Edit: although really that isn't that bad when you're not thinking of it as a monolithic price!
  15. I think mine is around $870ish...haha