tokidoki MEN'S tshirt sizing... help!

  1. Do the Men's t-shirts run small too, like the womens? or is it 'normal' sizing?

  2. I'm not positive but I think they're more normal sizing. I've seen them in the store and I'm pretty sure they're more normal than the womens. I can't say for sure though b/c we don't have any. I wonder if they shrink though :confused1:
  3. I asked this question about a week ago. The answer I got was that men's shirts are true to size.
  4. Why don't you call Jamie @ Japanla and ask her? :idea: She can tell you for sure!! :yes:

    What are you thinking of getting?
  5. thanks toki - I should probably do a forum search before I post next time!!!

    Jenny - I am debating between two... but can't decide. I'll let you know when I do.... :graucho:
  6. The new mens shirts are true to size.
  7. I heard they are true to size.
  8. Oh, I wasn't implying that or anything :sweatdrop: I know topics get buried pretty quickly, and honestly, I didn't search before I asked either.
  9. i don't think its a great idea for a woman to buy
    men's shirts or a man to buy women's shirts.

    why would you buy a men's shirt? the women's tokidoki selection is FAR better than the men's selection.
    shirt wise, hoodie wise, and everythign wise.