Tokidoki Mamma Mia Tote in Playground

  1. Does anyone know where else I can still find the Tokidoki Mamma Mia tote in playground print besides LeSportsac online? It's sold out there.

  2. oooh.. it's so cute.
    maybe try on ebay?
  3. ^Thanks!

    Urban Outfitters only has it in black playground. =(
  4. I like Toki patterns. Their always online @ Urban Outfitters.
  5. Have you tried marshall Field's stores? I am in CA and I thought all the 1st edition Tokidoki pieces were gone and I conacted Marshall Fields Shopping Services asking them to find me a Bella Bella Hobo and they found several! Try contacting them--they will find one for you. Oh, they need the SKU, though. So, e-mail LeSportsac asking for the SKU number so they can look it up.:yes:
  6. Thanks! :smile:
  7. Terra, 8226 West 3rd Street, LA, CA 90048
    323-653-1500 for more information.

    They are saying that they will have playground items in stock for the Tokidoki in store tomorrow.
  8. They sell them at Nordstroms. I have been buying my tokidoki's at the downtown Seattle Nordstroms. If they don't carry it have them check their system to see if another store carries it.
  9. Nordstroms is out of Playground, at least our sa couldn't locate any acc. or bags for my daughter. She has some of the cammo pieces, but wants playground. I can't wait for Terra to open so I can call & see what they have today...would love to go to the in-store & get her tote signed!