Tokidoki Mamma Mia - Side Mesh Pockets - Love 'em or Hate 'em? (+) Metallic Qee

  1. Yesterday I finally got a Mamma Mia Pirata! :yahoo:

    I essentially like the size and shape of the Mamma Mia - but wasn't really crazy about the side mesh pockets...
    They're always black - and if the print doesn't have a black base (i.e. Playground, Olive Camo Playground or the coming L'Amore) it just makes me go :confused1:
    That's why I passed and opted for the Stellina, Ciao and Bella Bella instead for the previous seasons

    My boyfriend outrightly abhors :yucky: what they do to the bag; "They just KILL the whole look" (yes sayang, I'm giving you credit for the idea..)

    Finally with the Pirata, I think it's time I get a Mamma Mia. So when we're picking out the bag, we got one with a real nice print placement for the sides - fully shows the two girls sitting on the treasure chest with the octopus couple and the pirate monkey -the vote was in, hands down -the sides MUST GO!

    I got back and painstakingly cut them out - damn hard work! But honestly I loved how it looked after - looks clean and the girls aren't 'hidden' behind the black mesh.

    Maybe some would be horrified to think of the butchery, but heck I may well could start a trend :jammin:

    Oh yeah, another thing, I replaced the 'generic' Qee with the Metallic blue one - I think the color really goes well with the Pirata print - and honestly I'm really beginning to get sick of the 'original' Qee - PUHLEEEEZ design new ones TOY2R/Simone!

    All in all, on it's maiden voyage, my new-and-improved Pirata Mamma Mia + Metallic Qee combo got complimented several times today :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Ladies, have a lookie at the photos and tell me what you think :yes:
    eNVii_tOkii_MMP1.jpg eNVii_tOkii_MMP2.jpg eNVii_tOkii_MMP3.jpg eNVii_tOkii_MMP4.jpg
  2. I LOVE the side pockets on the Mama Mia and BV!! That's where I put my sunglasses, keys, phone, etc. Anything I want to get to really fast!! In fact it was the pockets that made me decide to get my Pirata in that style.

    But yours does look really good without them so if you don't like or use them this is a great solution. Not a bad option for the portatelefono either. People were talking on another thread about whether the mesh pocket on it could be cut off successfuly. Guess you answered that question.

    LOVE the new qee!!!
  3. wow you did a great job in cutting mesh out...looks like it was never there!! :biggrin: now you got me thinking if i should do that to my foresta mamma mia??

    i love your qee!!! too bad the stores here ran out of the blue :sad:

  4. Thanks for the compliments :smile: - and vmasterz if you don't use them YES, you DEFINITELY should! :graucho:

    Got all three colored Metallic Qees from eBay from this seller but I think she doesn't have the Blue Bear anymore though. This listing looks like a sweet deal too - but still no Blue Bear :shrugs:
  5. Cool! Great cutting skills! I like the pockets on my bv though, they're handy for me :smile: But you do have nice print placement on the side so it was a good choice, knowing you wouldn't be using the mesh anyway. Thanks for sharing!
    Someone posted a few days back about cutting the mesh from a portatelefono, THAT I'd like to see too! Wonder if she got around to doing it...:shrugs:
  6. ACK! I love the mesh pockets! However, yours looks great with them gone! I guess it's a personal preference!
    I have to admit, your side panels have great print placement! Congrats!
  7. I had a mamma mia and hated the pockets so much I sold it!~

    Yours looks great.
  8. i'm too scared to try to cut the mesh off my mamma mia xP dont want it looking like some wild animal decided to lunch on my bag! idunno, i like the mesh there, adds a little somethign to the bag, IMO. but great job cuttin it out from your bag! how did you do it?
  9. ok you MUST tell me your technique! that looks FLAWLESS!!! i love it so much better especially because its such a good shot of the girls! eeks me wanna do it too! i usually use the mesh pockets too but its not crucial for my life! my bags are big enough as it is!
  10. I really love the placement! and I agree with a lot of people O_O how did you remove the mesh so well??
  11. it looks great!!! I use the mesh pockets all the time, and I love it so I prob won't do the same... but it does look nice and clean!!
  12. you did a good job cutting the pockets off. i use mine tho, so i won't be cutting mine off either, but it's a thought...
  13. I'm going to get a mamma mia in the Amore print, and I've never been a huge fan of the mesh pockets... If I could cut them off as flawlessy as that, I would, but knowing me I'd make some kind of mistake and cut up the bag instead :p Great job! How did you do it?
  14. Your bag looks swEEEEEEt!! Nice job!! I am not a fan of the mesh pockets myself and w/out them it looks like a completely different bag. Way 2 go!! :yahoo:
  15. Wow, you did an amazing job.