Tokidoki Makeup!

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  1. Hey gals, I found these pictures on someone's blog Elphie’s blog
    Someone sold the set on ebay and the lucky B got them!
    I think I'm gonna have to get the whole damn line of products
  2. interesting!! does anyone know where they are going to be distributed?

    I am a little wary of makeup though, I'm so picky about it...
  3. I heard/read that they will be available at Sephora in Jan.

  4. It will be sold exclusively at Sephora on December 26th (:
  5. those are really pretty makeup.
  6. very nice
  7. Very nice makeup, i love the packaging.
  8. OMG - It is adorable. I'm going to the poor house.
  9. That is perfect- I have an unused gift certificate for Sephora my co-worker gave me for my birthday. It's not much, but at least it will put a dent in my spending...
  10. So cute!
  11. Cute!
  12. the packaging is so cute!
  13. I just scared my husband cause I made a really loud, weird noise to the effect of "ohhhhhhhhhhh, I wannnnnnnnnnnnnt it". I love the latte necklace with such passion. Dammit! Where can I find one??????
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. Cute.