Tokidoki makes your migraine go away!

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  1. i scientifically prove it!

    I had a migraine for the past 24 hrs including during sleep GRR never fun...but to my surprise...

    the little mailman brought me a citta ciao!!!

    Thanks swtest2lips! I love the hello kitty note too!

    and now my headache is gone. Toki is a cureall.

    ...or maybe it's all the pain/migraine meds ;)
  2. Amazing story! I always feel good when I look at my bags. I think they do have amazing healing powers.
  3. hey now, what about me, your awesome house mate who went and got the mail when the postal worker rang the door.

    [psst, you see how that wasn't gendered? oh yeah, I totally have lived with you waaaay to long, hehe ;0)]
  4. don't get me started on gender, maybe that is why my headache went away i'm not grading those horrific papers anymore.
  5. maybe if i rub my toki bag on the work i need to grade it'll be done. all work/healing toki i command you to do this now!

    didn't work. damn.
  6. lol tokidoki makes me happy~ no wonder why i can't get enough!
  7. well i know that when i can't fall asleep I think about my tokis and I fall asleep and have good dreams :smile: