Tokidoki lovers in Singapore

  1. Hi out there :smile:

    I just got my first Tokidoki bag (a lamore bella) two weeks ago and I have been hooked! I am so totally obsessed with Tokidoki ever since and have gotten my second one (a pirate stellina) just one week after that!:amuse: And I have now my eyes a paradiso BV. :nuts:

    Just wondering, are there any Tokidoki fans in Singapore out there in this forum? It will be great to know I have someone closer to home who do not think that I am going nuts :wacko: with this obsession!

    I would also love to know where do you get good deals coz the retail price here in Singapore is soooo....expensive!
  2. Nope, sorry. Hawaii here. Probably the closest to you is Snoopa from Israel? Haha. I don't know.
  3. there are several on LJ tho! or near there ;) but I think about 2-3 for sure are in singapore?
  4. I just took some photos of my "humble collection" awhile ago and just want to share them with you. No way can I beat the awesome collection that Bubblesung has! :drool:
    pirata_stellina_front.jpg pirata_stellina_back.jpg lamore_bella_side.jpg lamore_bella_back.jpg
  5. haha, I'm from Singapore and I totally agree that Spore rarely has god deals on tokis. Do you have any idea where I find a Citta /Citta Rosa?
  6. This is wonderful!!:yahoo:

    How long have you been a fan of Tokidoki? Where do you get your bags from?

    I got my Lamore Bella from Changi and the Pirata Stellina from Isetan. I do not know where else you can find Tokidoki here, probably Taka. But they only have pirata, lamore and adios now. No more older prints. The other alternative would be eBay or one of the online shops the wonderful ladies in the forum have been recommending. I have yet to try buying them online but I am keen to - coz it's cheaper.:p
  7. I love tokidoki too!
    Got a Paradiso dolce from Isetan, cost me S$170!! so expensive...but then, it's so cute!!!

    from what i know,you can find lesportsac tokidoki in Isetan Scotts/Orchard, DFS scotts, Changi Airport Departure hall and Takashimaya Orchard. When they launched the Amore at Isetan two weeks ago, there is a 15% discount. Want to punch myself for not getting any bag then.
    Now waiting for the Isetan sale(heard is 17May)to see if there are any good deals....
  8. Hi kerope

    This is getting better:amuse: Another toki lover in Singapore!

    Yes, you may want to check that sale out. DFS at Scotts(the same operator which runs the Changi outlet) also carries tokidoki. If you have not gotten any bags from the current season, there are still quite a number around.

    I am more looking out for the older prints like paradiso and citta rosa. Would you know where in Singapore can we find them. I think XxAlyxX wants to know too.:smile:
  9. Jess, lol, there's somenone around here from Kuala lumpur, that's way closer (Damn, I just wrote 'closet' and deleted like 6 times), they are right next to each other.

    I think Australia is closer as well, or just about the same, Singapore is 10-12 hours flight away, I think.
  10. I'm near... from the Philippines:yes: Not a lot of tokis here either... a few infernos, piratas, and adios...
  11. maybe can wait for the isetan sale, sometime they will bring out the old seasons of tokidoki... :p
  12. Hi tehlilone, JessakaMitz - even though you gals are halfway round the world, it's sure is nice to hear from you in this thread.:biggrin:

    Hi Snoopa - nice to "meet" you too. KL is actually very near Singapore - less than 1 hour flight. Some of us here even drive over for a short getaway of shopping and eating (food is better there). Australia is way further.:p

    Hi papillon216 - guess we share the same fate, huh:sad:

    Hi kerope - Isetan bring out old stocks, really? I went to Isetan Wisma and the nice SA told me that all they have of the "older" stock is pirata. But again, no harm checking it out. Let me know, yeah, if you happen to come across any:yes:
  13. XxAlyxX, kerope, how long have you been caught in this addictive tokidoki chase? What bags do you have in your collection? Pls send pics:amuse:

    By the way, I have been noticing that there is a lot of fakes being carried around here (now that I sorta know how to tell the real thing from the fakes with help from this forum). Probably it's so easy to get them from Bangkok.
  14. mytokiluv: Yeah I know about Kuala Lumpur being so close, that's why I mentioned it. :yes:
    Australia is about 8-10 hours away by airplane, no?
  15. snoopa -- haha i wasn't even sure....i was takin a guess cuz i know most people here are from the mainland haha.

    mytokiluv - is there really that much fakes wandering around? That sucks lol. I only saw one fake in real was horrible. haha.