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  1. I love these bags! I am sooo getting one for my baby sister, not this huge one, but a smaller one. I am just posting the huge one to give everyone a better idea of the print:love:



  2. Haha that keyfob is cute/funny! Where are these bags made?
  3. cute
  4. I love the name Tokidoki.

    It's Japanese for some of the times (sometimes).
  5. Thanks for posting those...can you pass along any information as to where to find it? I think you've found the perfect Christmas present for my cousin...hehe.
  6. Try

    I just noticed on that page that they did the design for the Mercedes Benz fashion week web stuff in their cuteness.. I knew it looked kind of familiar !
  7. That is some cute stuff for sure, I know your sis will love it
  8. ^^^I hope so Vlad! I got her a Dior bag and it didn't seem like she cared for it much :lol: She needs to start building her collection more!
  9. You can get LeSportsac bags at Urban Outfitter stores. Price range is usually between $35 to $100 for a medium size bag. I also see them at the airport's duty free shops too.

    They are a BIG HIT in Taiwan where you can always find them in the department stores, but I did notice that it is starting to come into the US.
  10. CUTE!!! But I'm not a LeSportsac fan...
  11. Has anyone bought a bag or two yet? I picked up a bella bella (in print) and mamma mia tote (in print) today. I was never a real fan of Le Sportsac, but these bags make me smile and I thought is would be fun bag to use on a day that I need something to make me smile or feel happy:idea:
  12. I love it! I want one too! :biggrin:
  13. I saw some at the lesportsac here, they were around $120. Too big for my sis but new styles should be coming out this month :biggrin:
  14. I am SO in love with these bags as well! Read about it online today and zipped right over to the LeSportsac boutique during lunch to nab one of my very own! I ended up getting the Buon Viaggio in the Tokidoki print. This is the perfect size and TOO cute!

    I know that this current print is called "Luna" (with the milk carton, Cactus Girl, etc.). Does anyone know if they are planning on releasing other prints in future seasons? I really like this print, though--trying to restrain myself from buying more styles!
  15. This print is so adorable! I want one!!!!! :nuts: