Tokidoki lead me to blythe dolls....

  1. is there any store that sells blythe dolls... or pullip dolls? not an internet store but an actual store? thanks in advance!
  2. Please Answer!!!
  3. i first got into blythe dolls about 3 years ago. i had to order mine online.
  4. It depends on where you live, but there's not many stores that sell them. I have ten blythe dolls, and I've had to buy them all on eBay/webstores.
  5. I've purchased blythes and pullips from online shops. As for around your area, you may want to check local thrift or Japanese shops.
  6. I got one of mine at urban outfitters and the rest online & one limited edition when I was on my Asia tour....
    so....If you travel to asia, they have it in stores hee hee
  7. i hate to admit that i have a collection of over 20 blythe dolls! they are as addicting as tokidoki!

    you used to be able to get them at some designer toy stores like rotofugi, the magic pony, toy tokyo, etc. i'm not sure if they're still carrying them. they're always available on eBay, and yahoo japan. hobby link japan is a website that carries blythe dolls and accessories. you have to watch their site for preordering because they tend to sell out quickly. also, gina garan sells a few dolls in her blythe shop on good luck!

    as far as pullips go (my daughter has 2), and i believe a webstore called the valley of the dolls or something like that has them. i'd google june planning pullip.

    i hope all that helps you find some! good luck.
  8. PullipStyle is awesome. Shana, the owner, is incredibly sweet. She's been selling blythes too!
  9. woot, woot! love that there's other pullip/blythe doll fans here...
  10. I have been seriously holding back on getting into Blythe dolls too... must stop the addiction from spreading!