Tokidoki Latte hoodie....!

  1. So I was hunting over on tokidoki's website, and I saw our most sought after latte shirt. It was under TOkidoki pictures tab. Well I know they have the original print to the left of the picture, but they have adios star merchandise and the latte print on the table.. does that mean they are re-issuing it?? I know I am :nuts: but I am desperate for that hoodie!!! :roflmfao:
  2. oh, and here is the pic...

  3. Oooh, I hope so!!! I want lattes!
  4. i hope so too, but that picture has been up for a long time :[ maybe if we bombard their inbox w/ emails pleading for the latte hoodies they'll reissue them :biggrin:
  5. I :heart: that idea momo....let's all send e-mails. What does everyone say???
    I HAVE got to have that thing!!!!!!! :crybaby:
  6. Okay, I have bad bad news...I guess they're not going to re-introduce the hoodie...I emailed and I got a response from Jamie at JapanLA..:crybaby: Ummm, maybe if everyone e-mails tokidoki they'll make it again???

    Hi Jen,

    Danielle forwarded me your inquiry. We used to have that hoody, but we sold out a long time ago. I spoke to the company that makes the sweatshirts for tokidoki, and they said they decided not to make the latte pullover because not enough people ordered it. There is cute Mozzarella stuff coming out in June/July though.

  7. I think not too many people ordered it b/c people didn't know about it! I certainly had no idea they were making clothes at that time. :crybaby:
  8. yeah , b/c back then the only thing I even heard of was the purses and I don't know where the shirts and jewelry were even available at the time . No one knew about it .
  9. those pix are from like a year ago.... and remember a lot of tokidoki comes out in europe first so they have everything!!!
  10. Man, I guess the phrase, you snooze, you lose really applies here now doesn't it? That's really the only clothing item I want. I'd trade in all my toki t-shirts and my hoodie if I could get that latte hoodie. I wonder where toki is sold in I feel a trip coming on???? Shopping in duty free....hunting down a toki sounds like a good plan to me. :love:
  11. Hi Guys,

    I've been reading your posts the past week, and it's really cool that you guys love tokidoki as much as I do. I decided to make a screen name so you guys can ask me questions directly. I didn't know TokiliciousJen was going to copy and paste my emails. I rather just post things on here myself. I love latte too. We have the latte shirts and necklaces right now.
  12. Wow, welcome Jamie!! I feel like I just got in trouble by my teacher! I hope you're not too mad that I posted your response. We're just desperate for that latte hoodie right now and any info we can get on it is like gold to us!! It's super cool that we can ask you stuff directly now...Thanks for joining!!
  13. Wow Jamie is here! It's like being at the cool table at lunch :yes:

    So I was sad today because this morning I didn't see any tokidoki threads on the forum and then I was busy all day at work so I didn't see that there was a subforum.
    Cliffs= I was :sad: now I'm :smile:
  14. If you have to go to detention I'll come visit you.
  15. Ha, that's awesome. Clearly the girls were right about you. :biggrin: