Tokidoki Las Vegas!

  1. Hey fellow TPF Members~

    I'm heading down to Vegas during the first week of July and I was wondering where are some places to find Tokidoki? I'm staying mainly on the strip so i know theres a couple of Metroparks, Macys around the area.. any particular locations i should stalk out? :graucho:

    Another question, are there any Lesportsac outlets in Vegas? I thought there was one in the Fashion Outlets but when I looked at their website I didn't see any.. help please? I really want to visit a Lesportsac outlet if there is one there!

    Thanks a lot!!!!! :nuts:
  2. There is a LeSportsac store at Fashion Show Mall (across the street from the Wynn). Check out the Ross on the strip too...when I was there a month ago I spotted two foresta bambinos.
  3. The only ones listed on the LeSportsac website are Seattle, Woodbury, and SH... and the Waikele store that isn't listed and not truly an outlet.
  4. when i was there last year, i bought my first tokidoki bags (PG tan) from Nordstrom at the fashion show mall... so check that out too :yes: have fun shopping!
  5. Also, try Hawaiian Marketplace Shopping Center. It's on the strip and one of the little shops towards the back is this teeny Japanese shop that sells tokidoki as well as lesportsac. They always have the new styles in. It's located across the street from Polo Towers.
  6. OMG I LOVE VEGAS!!! :love: I hope you're able to find some tokis while you're there!!
  7. oooo,...
    jcl925: ross? is that a store? which hotel is it in?
    ellencho: thanks for the info! i'll definately check that out! :biggrin:
    crazygirl: fashionshow mall is already a 'must' on the places i have to go while i'm in vegas hehehe thanks for the info!

    thanks for the info guys! any more?
    so i guess there is no point in me going to the fashion outlets then since there is no lesportsac outlet?
  8. Yes it's a store. It's similar to a TJ Maxx/Marshalls. It's on the north side of the strip, close to Sahara. You won't miss a giant blue sign that says "ROSS". Good luck!