Tokidoki & laptops...

  1. Which style should I buy for my Inspiron 15.4''?
  2. How old is the Inspiron 15.4 b/c I have an Inspiron here and I can test it out in the different bags but I'm not sure of the measurements of mine...mine's from like 2003. Mine weighs much does yours weigh??
  3. I bought it last year, it weighs aprox. 6.5 lbs
  4. I have an inspiron 600m and I just checked it out...I think it weighs about 7lbs and it's about the same size as yours. It will def. fit inside the baby bag...what other bag do you want to try and put it in??
  5. I don't know :p

    I only want to know which styles are good for my laptop, mmm the campeggio, buon viaggio and scuola?

    thanks! :wlae:
  6. I'm not sure about the scuola but it should fit in the campeggio, BV, cucciolo and the older andiamo messenger bag. Are there any I'm missing girls?? :s
  7. hmmm..the trenino (dont know if spelled right lol )?