Tokidoki Kidrobot Event in July 13

  1. I saw on Tokidoki Websit that there is going to be another signing event by Simone in July 13. Does it mean that Simone is not going to have another signing event between now & July 13 ?? I dont live near Santa Monica.. :O(
  2. Is it in July 2006 or July 2007 ????
  3. wait- what? its usually on the top tab if it is recent. Thoes are from when he went in 2006.
  4. Ohh....ok..Thanks Tokidoki Lover...I wish Simone would have another signing event soon in SF. I can't wait !!!

    Tokidoki Lover's, the tokidoki in Hawaii seems to be more exp. compared to in California...I wonder why..My 1st tokidoki bag happened to be bought in Honolulu.. back then I didn't know any better about prices diff. I thought every store would sell it at the same price.
  5. yea i agree, simone needs to come back to the bay! i missed him in december :[
  6. There's rumor that he might be having a signing in May at Nordstroms Valley Fair. Not sure if it's true, but there's a chance.
  7. Qtilie, where did you get the info from.
    I wish it is true though !!!
    Where did you go to meet him the last time ?
    Your picture of the baby is really CUTE!!
  8. juli- its part of the "pacific market" prices. at least thats what the SA told me (bunch of bs if you ask me!!) But yeah, everything is like, 30 to 40 dollars marked up!! and there are never any sales, just the outlet has some older prints.
  9. TokidokiLover...hmm....I am sooo sorry to hear that. But I had fun though, I had some memories of puchasing my 1st tokidoki bag in Waikiki on my vacation. But i paid $30 more for my pirata ciao which are blurry.