Tokidoki Jewlery!!

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  1. I assume some people have heard about/seen this line...I just came across it while glancing at their site....anyone have any of it, so we could see how it looks on? It's just so cute!!

  2. Those are so cute.
  3. thanks for bringing this to my attention chanelissy i've been waiting for this jewelery forever!! :wlae:

    now if only i could decide between these:


    i particularly love the first because that's the image i have on my tokidoki lesportsac bag :yes: but they're just all so darn cute
  4. do you know how to get that?
    and how much is the retail?thx:smile:
  5. I have both the latte necklace and the Sandy necklace. Unfortunately I don't have any pics. I know they have them at a store in the Concord Mall in Northern CA called Up Against the Wall. I don't know if they take phone orders or not. But I also know you can get certain ones at Metropark - Fashion. Music. Art. and the second link is actually a store in LA and they're launching their website in the next two to three weeks so for right now they do phone or e-mail orders! The necklaces are adorable, they're long so they hang kind of low! Good luck!!

    They retail for somewhere around $40.
  6. these are actually available from the tokidoki site here

    tokidoki JEWELRY-1

    they're $36 each which is a bargain considering how much tarina tarantino's comparably cute jewelry costs :yes:......i just ordered the first necklace in my post and i can't wait til it comes so i can match my bag :rolleyes:
  7. Congrats...which one did you get?? $36 is a great price. I know we paid more than that!!
  8. i think it's the sandy necklace, which is the one you have :yes: i'm sososo excited i've been waiting for them to put up these necklaces for ages :yahoo:

    but shipping was like $7 which made me feel kinda :wtf::push: since the necklace weighs nothing...but oh well :p

    i love all things tokidoki....their smashbox line is so uber-cute too!
  9. Yeah, Sandy is the little green cactus girl, is that the one? She's my fav necklace , I :heart: :heart: :heart: Latte but the colors are kind of dull on that one, Sandy is the brightest and looks great. You're going to love it! I HATE shipping and $7 is outrageous b/c it doesn't even weigh a pound but what can you do. I too love all things toki - I have a bunch of their smashbox stuff too!! It's super addicting so be careful!!
  10. jc2239, could you post pics when you get it?? Glad I could remind you of the line!! it possible for you to take pictures sometime of the latte necklace? I'd love to see how it falls.
  11. tokilicious yeah it's sandy :yes: and tokidoki is definitely very very addictive

    and chanelissy i'll be sure to post photos but it'll probably be awhile since i ordered literally like 30 minutes ago so hopefully by the time i get the package you'll still be interested :graucho:
  12. My bf is supposed to be getting our digital camera out of storage...when he does I will take pics. It is a long necklace, it falls way below your chest. I don't really like where it falls but you can remove the charm from the necklace and put it on a shorter one if you'd just can't remove the tokidoki logo, that's on the necklace for good!!

    jc2239- be careful...once you start buying toki you can't stop!!! Also, I've ordered directly from the tokidoki website before. I ordered a skate deck and a poster and it took 3 weeks for me to get it. I don't know what the deal was , if that's how long it usually takes or what the story is but I just wanted to let you know it took FOREVER!! What i ordered was a Christmas gift so maybe stuff was backorderd but I almost didn't get it in time!!

    I take it falls right on your chest...I just put my necklace on!
  13. awww that's much longer than i was hoping for :push: hopefully it still looks good.....if not i'm handy with a pair of pliers ;)

    can't wait to see your photos tokilicious!
  14. is 25 too old for these? love them but think i might be too much of a grown up!
  15. shopafrolic i really don't think so or at least i really hope not! :roflmfao: i'm almost 23 and still very very very young at heart :hysteric: and in love with tokidoki and i think as long as you have the spirit it works for anybody :yes:

    OT but did any of you guys see the recent episode of extreme makeover home edition where the tokidoki artist did anime on a little girl's bedroom wall? i've never been so jealous of a child before :cutesy: :girlsigh: