tokidoki jewelry

  1. Who has Tokidoki jewelry? Is it good quality?
  2. I have an adios star necklace. Very substantial, nice quality for non-precious jewelry. A little heavy, but cute.
  3. I own the silver and black bullet necklaces. They are very weighty necklaces. Nice for base metal jewelry. I also own a couple of the dog tags. I wish those were a bit smaller. I haven't worn those because they are too big in my opinion.
  4. i have a necklace and it's very nice quality-a bit heavy like mentioned above, but for the price i was very surprised. the character necklace i have is double-sided so i can wear it either way, and it's super cute! :tup:
  5. I have the Fantasmino necklace! It's very cute. A bit bigger than I thought it was. Very gooood quality! I :heart: it :biggrin:
  6. citta rosa: Off topic, but did you end up going to Pearlridge? Did you go to Prototype and get anything??
  7. I went to Prototype and Demo, but I didn't buy anything. I wanted to check out Tokidoki jewelry at Prototype but they didn't have any. They said they would get a shipment later. I did see about a million Toki bags on women and girls of all ages.
  8. has anyone ordered jewelry from Karmaloop? Would they charge shipping for a really light object like a necklace? (they charge shipping by weight)
  9. I ordered mine from Tobi. The jewelry was cheaper than other online boutiques. Also, my shipping was free, plus I was able to use a discount from a coupon I had. Shipping might always be free from Tobi-- look into it. I'll bet Karmaloop has some good coupons too.
  10. I'm pretty sure UPS ground is always free from Tobi, at least it has been every time I've placed an order. I have the black heart/crossbones necklace, it's a little long but it love it.
  11. I just checked Tobi and Karmaloop. Shipping is outrageous! For a little small necklace, shipping is about $10.
  12. I bought one of eBay, and when i got it, I was suprised how big it was. I never used mines. It just hangs on my computer desk. I wish it was a lot smaller, maybe I would actually use it.
  13. i have earrings, bracelet and dog tags, though the only thing ive used so far is just my adios star & logo earrings and they pretty much hold up well :smile:
  14. Mine are hanging off my stuffed animals, lol!
  15. I have the Adios Star necklace! Its like everyone says, they're a bit HEAVY but you get used to it. It doesn't give you neck pains or anything but you notice the weight. I love how it's double sided so it doesn't matter which side you put it on :yes: As for the chain it comes with.. it's a bit big for me (since I'm used to small pendants and thin chains) but when you have the right outfit, it matches really well :tup:

    My cousin and I also bought the Playground Bracelet (on sale) and we took all 7 charms off LOL We made one into a necklace for our other cousin and we each took 3 charms for ourselves. We bought some keychain/phone charm strap things and attached it to our cellphones! :biggrin: The charms are nearly as big as the necklaces but NOT has heavy! So I just use the other charms as pendants! (I LOVE pendants and I switch them every so often!) We were going to keep it as a bracelet but curse our tiny wrists! We can't even wear the tokidoki watches! :sad: Oh well, we put the bracelet to good use! ;)