Tokidoki ISkins?

  1. Long time no post! *waves* I've been busy with work and what not.

    Anyways, my parents got me an 80 GB ipod for my birthday (after hearing how my other one was stolen), and the first thing I thought was -- not opening it till I have a case!

    Now, I heard that someone did manage to put the 80gb ipod in the 30 gb Iskin, and I was wondering how did that work out?

    When I had the 30 gb, it seemed like a tight fit, but I don't know the difference between 80 and 30 in size wise XP.

    Any help would be amazing!

    (Oh, and who just go their refund check in the mail? Time to buy some new bags while I'm at it too ;) )
  2. Hmmm... I don't know, but I know my skin for my 30gig is pretty loose. The silicone clear thing is a "just right/snug" fit, but the tokidoki skin comes off rather easily with just a little push. So maybe some will fit a 80gig? I don't know how big the size difference is between the two... or maybe you could just put the 80gig in the skin without using the silicone?
  3. Trust me, it won't work on an 80 gb model.:nogood: My husband has an 80gb iPod and it does NOT fit in my Tokidoki iSkin. In fact, it looked like it would split the plastic of the iSkin case when I tried it several months ago and it's too expensive a case to risk that! I would not recommend trying it.