Tokidoki iskins (for ipod!)

  1. heyy, so i'm gonna get an ipod nano sooon... since my old ipod mini is like ancient :push:

    and i think i'll get an iSkin tokidoki Vibes!!
    the skins are soooooooo cute:heart::heart::heart:

    which one do you think is the cutest?

    I personally like the Cactus party and Milky Time the best :yes:, but i think i'll get the cactus party :p
    oh and btw, if anyone had these skins, would you say that it's a good buy?

  2. Aw, does that mean my mini is ancient too? Aw, but I :heart: him.
  3. well my mini is acting weird these days :sad:
    like i charged it for a whole day and i can only use it for about an hour :push:

    i had it for about 2+ years :shrugs:
  4. I have the Milky for my iPod and Cactus for my Shuffle. I LOVE them. They protect the iPod and are so, so cute. I've had compliments from a couple of flight attendants who have seen me watching a movie on my iPod during flight.
  5. wow that's awesome!!
  6. oooh I like the Adios Flowers one!! They're all really cute tho .. i'm no help lol
  7. i want the latte one :sad:
  8. ya its so adorable! :heart:
  9. i have the milky time one and i LOVE it. :heart:3 but if i could get another one, i'd probably get cactus party.
    i think it's a good buy appearance-wise, but its kind of hard to function the click-wheel with the case on..
  10. oh... then do u take the case off when you're using it??
  11. The skins for the ipod video are differnt than the skins that are available for the nano. ipod video ones ahve an additional skin and it can be a pain in the patoot to use it but I love mine!

  12. Really? I haven't had any problems with mine and I have the iPod video skin.
  13. I have the cactus party iskin for my nano, and I love it! No problems using the control wheel. The colors were brighter in person (and there was a lot more pink) than I expected from seeing the photo on the website. I also bought the matching lime green earphones, which look really cool with it.

    I wish I had an old-style shuffle, just so I could get the pink & black adios one, too!
  14. I was thinking of exchanging my black nano for the regular ipod that plays videos... then I could use it at the gym, watching movies or whatever while on the elliptical. But why is a 30 gig ipod the SAME price as an 8 gig nano??

    For those of you who have the ipod that plays videos, what size do you have and how many movies can you store in it?
  15. i wish they made the moofia one for my mini :sad: i'm not really lookin to get another iPod anytime soon haha. i do have that TD star girl one...