Tokidoki ISKINS at ACTUAL Stores

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  1. Do any actual stores sell these? I would love to just go and buy one rather than dealing with shipping costs and wait time. Thanks for any help!
  2. I remember Jess writing that Chic Icon at Koko Marina sells them, but that's here in Hawaii...
  3. yup, thats the only place I know.... I tried looking at the apple store and there wasn't any.... but I'm going to chic icon today!!!
  4. Which one are you thinking of getting? I have the Tsuru one for my ipod video... but I have an ipod mini too. I don't know if I should waste money on getting a skin for an ipod I don't use though... and I wish they made skins for the newer shuffle since I have one of those too! *lol*

    I was actually just thinking of finding a black skin for the mini (since mine is PINK) and giving it to my dad to use...

    The bf has a nano but there's no way in hell he'd put a tokidoki skin on it. *lol*
  5. I was thinking of getting the one you have or the cactus party, or adios sister is getting milky time... oh and i'm getting a watch too!:yes:

    yup, they should def. make new skins for the newer versions that just came out.
  6. Cuuuute!! I definitely love the Tsuru one!! I would say my only complaint is that I didn't realize the background is pastel yellow... The iSkin website doesn't show you the backs of the skins. So when I looked at the photo on-line, I don't know why but I assumed the background was tan-ish. Well, since it's a light yellow and I use my video 5 days a week at the gym, the bottom corners are already getting smudgy. That kinda sucks. And the type of plastic/rubber it is, I haven't had any luck getting it off. The Tsuru photo on the front is well worth it, though. I love that piece of art!
  7. I want the milky one for the video ipod.
  8. i have milky time for my ipod nano (1st gen). it looks so cute. my sister wants one for her 1st gen shuffle. i wished they had more options to pick from tho...
  9. Yes, the shipping is kind high from iSkin, but the shipping is super fast. I just select regular UPS shipping and it always makes it here either overnight or 2nd day.