tokidoki iskin.

  1. Does anyone have a tokidoki iskin? If you do, could you post a photo of it and tell me how you like it? What does the material feel like, does it really protect the ipod, etc? My bf just got me my third ipod (wtf for, I dunno, he goes, "your pink one is old and there's no tokidoki skin for the new shuffle so now you can get the tokidoki skin" *lol*) and I was thinking of getting either the td hearts or lattes iskin, but $25...?! And I'm sure shipping to Hawaii will be high...
  2. definetly lattes! though the cactuSandy is awesome too.

    may I borrow your boyfriend? I only need one 8gb ipod-nano and then you can have him back. :shrugs:
    lucky girl.
  3. I like my iskin, I got the latte one. I got a thin rubber-like cover that is supposed to wrap the ipod before you put it in the tokidoki iskin. Mine is the 30g one, i'm not sure whether you will get this kind of cover if u get other ipods. It makes my ipod kinda bigger and heavier, but it gives good protection for sure. The only thing I dont really like is u have to press really hard on the control buttons (the circle shaped one) since the iskin really thick. I paid $40 after shipping, and I think its worth it. Here's the pix

  4. wow thats a pretty iskin :biggrin: ...lattes..
  5. Yeah, I was thinking about gettting th elattes one but I'm afraid to spend 40 on something that makes the wheel harder to push. I might just end up not using it. I have a lot of songs and can't afford to push slowly.
  6. [​IMG]
    my nano...super scratched up because they didn't come out with the nano skin until recently.but i LOVE IT! its like a smooth plastic...
  7. ^^OOO, I like that one better than the latte although they are both cute. I'm prolly gonna choose your skin.
  8. yah its hard to choose just one skin..but i LOVE the tokidoki girls so i had to go with her! AND it has koi can you not love them?!
  9. wow it's so cute..i love it!

    and bubblesung's too!
  10. i love the tokidoki girls too (i :heart: urs) , but i share the ipod with my bf and he doesnt want it to be too girly :sad: my choices were only the lattes and adios....and i prefer the lattes
  11. Here's the one I have. I really like it and have no problems using the wheel thingy. I cut the screen protector so that it would just cover the screen and not the wheel and I also have the soft white cover that goes on first before the Tokidoki iSkin cover and I don't need to push hard to scroll through songs.

  12. guys make me wanna get an ipod just for its toki skin!! all i have is a creative muvo v200? and they dont make skins for that!

  13. Hahaha. The 8 gig is the one he got me, in black. The iskin is $25 and s/h is $16 to hawaii... That's crazy. I don't know if I want to pay over $40 for one, even though they're cute. So now he's saying to sell the ipod on e-bay to buy another tokidoki bag. *lmao*
  14. Yeah, where is this company located? Canada? B/c I live in TN and shipping to me is 10 dollars. Usually shippping from companies in the states is like and for something that price is like 5.95

  15. This is the one I got too! Unfortunately, I haven't used mine much because I leave my ipod on my roadtrip and it doesn't fit with the iskin on. :sad: