tokidoki iskin ipod covers on sale!! 60% off!!

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  1. I'm so out of the loop w/ this stuff! I have a Nano but never thought of putting a skin on it.:Push:
    Those are cute!:tup:

    I've been WANTING to get the iskin and now it has finally come true! ^____^
  3. Aww man.. no deal for me.
  4. My ipod is too old for those skins!
  5. Awww No deal for me either...
    Damn my Ipod video :sad:
  6. if you have checked their website lately the ipod vidoe skins are on sale too!!

    i just got two for $11.99 each ;]
  7. so cool! I can't seem to click on the skins to make them bigger though. Can anyone figure out how to make the designs bigger so I can see them better??

  8. ditto! /\