Tokidoki Iskin 60 gig??

  1. Can you buy tokidoki iskins for the 60 gig yet?
  2. Not on the iskins webpage... I wish they did! I would've preferred to buy the 60gig instead of 30, but I wanted the Tsuru skin. Hehe.
  3. I know..I looked at the iskins page and didn't see any but my friend swears they make them and I don't know???
  4. If they do, quoting Evan Almighty, "I'm going to be sooo pissed." *lol* I wonder where they would sell them if it's not on the iskins page?
  5. I wrote to iSkin a while back asking if 80gig skins existed (I think the 60 and 80 are the same size physically), and was told no. :tdown: They were trying to see if they could collaborate again to make them for the bigger size.
  6. Oh so I guess 30 gig is the largest right?
  7. I want one... is it at I have a nano
  8. If they do make 60/80 gig tokidoki skins, I'm be reaaaaaaal :crybaby:. Haha. Granted I only use my ipod when I'm at the gym so I don't need more memory, but still!!
  9. Yeah, they just make them for the 30gb ipod. I actually sold my 60gb ipod last year so I could downsize to the 30gb just so I could get a Tokidoki iskin. Crazy, I know.:nuts: But I really needed to have that Tokidoki iskin and, honestly, I had too much crap on my 60gb.

    The 30gb forces me to keep it clean and with only what I really want to watch or listen to.

    And I had some money left over after selling my 60gb to buy other Toki stuff.:graucho:

  10. Cool..which iskin did you get? I am trying to decide!
  11. I have the one with Latte and the milk bottles. It's so cute! It was a tough choice between the Milky Time and Cactus Sandy, but Latte won out in the end.
  12. :cry: I want one, but I have the 80...I might have to buy a 30 so I can get a toki skin they are too cute! :heart:
  13. *Cough*, just so ya know...they have the iskins at Chic Icon @ Koko Marina Center -->( idk how much they cost...but I was just there today and saw them...So yeah, maybe you can save on shipping if they have what you want there. Oh yea...they also have a few Fornarina Shoes in stock..I got the last size 8 black/white ^__^ my bf bought it for me lmfao.
  14. O:huh::huh:o... damn you got everything!! hahaha i got to go there... maybe this weekend! Thanks for the info.