tokidoki is bankrupting me!

  1. hi everyone
    i got my first tokidoki in on holiday in vegas in september, it was the first time i'd seen tokidoki in real life, i'd only seen pictures of it online before that (i didnt even know you could buy it online! boy was i wrong)
    anyway my first bag was a citta gioco
    and i've just spent one hundred of my english pounds on a spiaggia zucca after swearing no more! (i also have a pirata mm and a lamore bella from pulsestl only last month!!)
    i'm going to have to sell some stuff on eBay to recoup my cash lol!!!
  2. They make citta giocos? Hmm. I never seen one...

    But yeah, I feel your pain. Tokidoki is ruining my life. lol.
  3. i know what you mean. i was pretty addicted at first, but i've amassed a pretty good collection now of prints & styles, so i'm starting to slow down. that's very good news for my wallet.
  4. I'm kind of up to date on the prints, still have to get Spiaggia. I'd love some of the older print stuff, but I'm not willing to pay over retail for it. My eyes are turning to the jewelry/shirts/other little knicky knacky things......I was even tempted to get the Toki wallpaper stuff on UO's website.
  5. Hehe, I know the feeling.
  6. I have so much tokidoki merchandise, my SO actually rolls his eyes at me whenever he sees me bring in more things. Happily, he's pretty good natured about it, though.
  7. i feel ya sistah! :p I make little over minimum wage and that money is suppossed to be financing my school tuition!
  8. haha high five tokidokiannie! :yes: tokidoki is putting a damper on my funds also but luckily I get a raise soon :yahoo:$1.00 more soonish weeeee
  9. I just got my credit card bill today for $500 !! I looked to see what I bought and there was nothing on the bill except for my tokidoki bags from Pulse .. lol

    3 purses = $500 ... omg
    I'm afraid for when my next bill comes. I'm supposed to be saving for our cruise to Alaska this summer ... :blush:
  10. $500 is your like balance to pay right...not minimum payment right?!??! O__o
  11. lol Jess yup it's my balance to pay. hell if that was my minimum payment I wouldn't be on the forum right now ... i'd be in the hospital with a heart attack .. lmao :lol:
  12. HAHA, OK i was just making never got like 15 bags! Lol.
  13. I feel your pain or really my wallet is. But they are sooo cute. You can't help but buy them.
  14. haha...yea when my macys bill comes in its gonna be $500 too xP but not ALL of it was for me! i helped a friend buy a lamore gioco (that she ended up returning and just paid me cash to pay off the amount) and my sister's birthday present to her friend! but yea, for the most part, its mainly tokidoki x] oooo boy...cant wait til that bill comes in...

  15. My family and I went on the NCL Alaskan cruise to visit my brother for the week of his birthday (he was a dancer on the ship)... I have to ask WHY you would go to Alaska? *lol* It was sooooo boring... and cold. The only nice part about the trip, besides it being free for me, was the pretty glaciers, the pimp suite, and the 24 hr butler we had.