tokidoki ipod case!

  1. hey everybody, today when i was getting home from school i saw the package for my tokidoki ipod case! i was really happy when i got it but to turn the wheel you have to push really hard. so ya im happy :yes:
  2. Cool. I really want to get one but when I tried to order it something on their site went wrong. I hope you don't have to push the wheel to hard or I would probably yake the case off. Maybe it's because it's new.
  3. Is it a case or a skin?
  4. its an actual case =) i love mine...!
  5. i wish they made a case/skin for 1st generation nano. 2nd generation wasn't even out when Tokidoki first came out, so i wonder why they just went ahead & released skins for the 2nd gen only.
  6. pics please!!
  7. It isn't the skin from their site is it? because I'm about to receive mine and I hope I don't have to press too hard.
  8. Cool they sound cute.
  9. I just bought Milky Time and Adios ;) ;)
  10. [​IMG]
  11. ooo, I want milky time so bad
  12. OMG, just a heads up, I ordered last night and this morning they emailed me to say that shipping to my address in Australia will be an additional $30!! i already paid $17 postage. They said they misquoted postage. Thats ridiculous....and would make the cases $50 each! I can buy a bag for that!
  13. Are you still gonna order them? Why is it so much money?
  14. That is such a ripoff! Ive shipped stuff to australia sooo many times before and if its under 16 ounces (1 pound) and you get it in 5 days, its around 10 dollars, but $30 bucks quote for postage is :wtf: ! Dont do it, just have some1 from the states ship it 2 u, much cheaper that way!