Tokidoki inventory update!

  1. for all who's still searching for tokidoki..

    at the Macy's in South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) they still have:

    -Paradiso in Luna
    -Pardiso & Infefrno in Buon Viaggo
    -Inferno in Scuola
    -Citta Rosa & Inferno in Bella
    -Paridiso in Bambinone
    -Paradiso in Giocco
    -Paradiso & Inferno in Campeggio or Cucciolo (I can't remember the size)

    and I'm not just talking one or 2 bags.. they have quite a few!!!
  2. what a gal!
  3. thanks for the update! stoking the fire for more of our buying, huh?
  4. im so sad! The Lesportsac at Ala Moana is like, sparse because of the signing earlier this month.. Haha.
  5. if you know which styles you want.. i'm sure you can call them. Macy's does charge sends and if you have a platinum or elite card, you get 12 or 18 of them free per year!
  6. Wish the Macy's here sold Tokidoki...
  7. Hi Ladies, I don't have any Tokidoki, but I do think they're cute. I took a look at Macy's Fashion Island (Newport Beach) and they have a pretty good selection...(didn't see any on sale though). They have the Pirata, Adios Star, Notte, Inferno, and the print with the babies I think (Paradiso?).

    I'm pretty sure I saw the following:
    Pirata: Bella, Stellina, Gioco, Canguro
    Notte: Dolce, Campeggio
    Adios Star: Dolce, Canguro
    Inferno: Canguro, Bella

    I also saw a Ciao Ciao, two Portatelefonos, a Denaro, Buon Viaggio, and a Cucciolo, but I can't remember what print for which...Like I said, I don't have any Tokidokis, but I thought about you ladies when I saw them and tried to remember. There were a lot of Nottes, Adios Star, and Pirata. Happy hunting!
  8. thanks gee for thinking of us!! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks gee! Is our craziness that legendary already? :smile:
  10. were the paradiso at this macy's on sale or full price ?
  11. Nevermind mrsjimmyh about the paradiso at Macy's . I found one at the Lesportsac Southampton Factory store.
  12. Anyone who is looking for a paradiso , the Southampton Factory Store in New York said they have it in all the styles. I ordered a paradiso dolce today and it was $69 with shipping. They are selling all the styles at a discount. I didn't ask what other prints they have but I am sure they have others too. The phone # is listed on the Lesportsac website in the store locater. ;)
  13. No problem! I always see all these Tokidoki threads, so I wanted to check the bags out myself. I think they would be so cute as diaper bags!
  14. The diaper bags are ADORABLE!! Now I just need a baby so I can carry one! :nuts:

    mrsjimmyh - Thanx for the inventory, it's good to know!

    I:heart: tokidoki - Thanx for the info. I think they give like 25% off at the outlet. I :heart: the Southampton's huge and I :heart: going there!! There is one super nice girl that works there.
  15. You're welcome . The girl I talked to was really nice she even picked out the print I wanted. I ordered it for my little girl and she likes the dog on the paradiso print ,so I had her find one with the dog on it.