tokidoki ink

  1. i'm thinking about getting a tat of something tokidoki ... am i crazy or are there other people out there like me? lol. i would :heart: to see pictures if anyone already did it!
  2. I was thinking about getting the little cherry blossom flower with the skull in the middle somewhere on my foot. Tokidoki Couture has the koi fish. What were you thinking about getting?

    There's the link to some people's toki tattoos. I like tokidoki, but I don't think I would really go through with making a tattoo.
  4. If I ever got the balls to get a tattoo it would be of the little doggie from the paradiso, modified to look like a pug (it looks like one already imho, but i want it to be very obvious) because I would love a pug tattoo...but I don't want a portrait one.
  5. some of those tats are pretty nice..

    others dont look very accurate!

    I guess if you really want one, then get one! Just make sure the artist you go to is capable of making it nice! I wouldnt want one if it didnt look exactly like it. Yikes!

    hehe I kinda want one too.. but I've always wanted one though. This just makes me want it more.
    Small and simple. Adios :biggrin:
  6. I've been wanting a second tattoo for years now, I'm thinking cactus doggies / moofia dudes. :supacool:

    Just wanna wait a bit and make sure I don't get tired of it in 6 months, wouldn't wanna be stuck with something on me that I don't LOVE.
  7. tokidoki lover - i'm thinking of getting a monkey of course! :smile: your tat idea sounds cute but on your foot? ouch! u r braver than i! lol.

    jessikamitz - thanks for the link. i really like the first one of the bird. it looks classic. i'll have to think a little more about how i want it to look now.

    tammie - your tat idea sounds cute too!

    miss dana - thanks for the tip. if you have any tat artist recommendations (in hawaii), i will take it into consideration since i'm currently ink-less. :smile:
  8. oooh monkeys :love: heheh

    Jessaka: thanks for the link! I love the at bluebird and adios star looks great!
  9. munky - I dont have any tats (yet!) so I cant recommend any artists at the moment but if I ask around and find someone, I'll let you know! :smile:
  10. Just remember most of those tattoo's are not real. I think only a couple or a few were real, the rest are permanent marker-style!! The ones on the models are fake and were just placed on them when they modeled at the LeSportsac store to look like the tokidoki women!!
  11. I have a half sleeve and I'm about to start my chest piece and I've been thinking about getting a Tokidoki style tattoo done.

    Tammie- I like your idea!

    It's clear that all of us love the style of Tokidoki, so why not work that into a tattoo idea you already have? It may not be the best idea in the long run to get a LeSportsac tattoo (think if people were walking around with Dooney & Bourke tattoos!), but if the idea has meaning...why not have it look cute as well?
  12. Tokidokigirl, do you have pics? I love sleeves!

    I was thinking just that, to work it into another idea, not just have a "tokidoki tatto", I just don't seem to have any ideas.
  13. ooh i wanna see your sleeves too :biggrin: ....Ive been debating about getting toki tats..or tats alone..still thinking about it
  14. Any time I even consider a tatoo all I have to do is think about how it will look when I'm 65. EWWWWW!!!!!!!
  15. DreamsOfToki- I think about it too, that's why I'll never get a tatto on my stomach, only places that stay wrinkle-free.

    I want a sleeve so bad, but I'm afraid I'll get sick of it, and it's kinda big and in-my-face, I rather have them in places I don't see ALL the time, I have one on my ankle for example. :wlae: