tokidoki ink - tattoos.....LOOK

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. wow,there's more. last time i saw that, there were only a few. some of them are good, but a couple are pretty bad.[although that could have to do with the photo, i guess. might be better in person]
  3. I say the first one of the sparrow that is done in just the black ink looks the best. I'm not sure I'm too crazy about the color tattoo ones.
  4. the cloud sleeve one is really nice! and the inferno devil chick! along with the sparrow and cherry blossom branch
  5. i agree! that cloud sleeve looks sooooooo awesome! and she even has the powerpuff girls in there!!! :nuts:
  6. Holy crap, I didn't realize there were so many more tattoos out there...crazy.

    I still think I'd like my vampire heart. It goes well with me....especially since I like to bite my husband.

    Hm...where should he go, though? Damn, I'm so bad with tattoos. I just got my last one in March. Bad, bad girl....:nogood:
  7. Really cute some are a bit much though. I could never wear that at my job lol If I didn't have one though I'd consider it. I think I might get a small toki tattoo of mermaid girl on one of my tattoos with water surrounding her kinda with a bit diff color variations I think. I already have one of a moon and sky on other one and I think water on the other side kinda pairs it off. I might maybe add a cute bird to other side.
  8. wow! i absolutely love the last 2 tattoos!!
  9. pretty but painful looking!!! temporary tattoos anyone? :balloon:
  10. haha... temp for me sounds good. I really like the first one just plain black ink burdie... so cuuute!
  11. i like the last one.
    but not sure if i could live with that forever? since it's just soo big and noticable?
  12. Is it just me or do some of them look fake? Like they were drawn by perm. marker?.. .but that red superhero guy...and the three lines.. OUCH! Hahahahaha looks like painful slices!
  13. I'd love to get a toki tattoo but knowing myself I'd probably rerget it in the future. I want the lattes w/mine and my bf's name on them instead of latte and milk BUT Tokidoki:heart:er has informed me that it's bad luck to get your SO's name on you :shrugs:
  14. oooh nice black birdie...the colored one on the left with cherry blossom looks good too! ...ahh i see my cute lil girl there! wow ...i wouldnt know which one to get as a tat..all too cute! :Push: