Tokidoki Info

  1. I don't know how many Canadian Tokidoki fans are on this forum, but this is probably good for everyone.

    I was at a store called Voltage which is located on Main Street in Vancouver. They are carrying the Moofia and just got Mozarella in, but what caught my attention was that they carried the new 2007 Spring bags.I thought this was rather unusual because the Satchel Shop ( one of the Canadian stores that carries Le Sportsac) has next to nothing in the new prints. Or old for that matter.
    Please forgive me, as I 'm not well versed in the line, but they have some big bags like the Zucca, Bambione, Bambino, wallets and also some items in the Inferno print. They also have the clothing too.

    They do not have the bags on their online store, but are willing to take email inquiries. If interested, the website is, A world of stuff you really want.
    For Vancouverites, the address is: 4346 Main Street: 604-709-8214
  2. Wow, I bet they're pretty well the first place up here to get theirs.

    Thanks for the link. :smile:
  3. You're very welcome.
  4. neat! i'm not in canada, but neat for you all up there. i love love love designer toys.