Tokidoki Inferno Trenino?

  1. greetings everyone, budding tokidoki fanatic here!
    I just got my first tokidoki bag 2 weeks ago, the Stellina
    Spiaggia print $ 130.00
    and I'm in total love with all things tokidoki!
    My question is this, my boyfriend fell in love with tokidoki as much as I have, and hes looking for a Ternino inferno bag for his laptop. I found some on eBay, but they were a little out of his price range. I was hoping to find the bag under $250 dollars. If you know any leads, I'd love to hear from you.

  2. i thought SH outlet had some... i'm not sure though. you should email them. :smile:
  3. they should have some for $223.50 o.o
  4. thanks for your replies! I just came across the SH store as well, and my one *minor* issue is they take phone orders only on weekdays. I have my fingers crossed they'll have some come monday!
    thanks again!
  5. i dont think that should be a problem... from what im aware of they've been on sale at 25% off for awhile and not sold out yet
  6. I got mine probably a month or so ago and was told that they had "a lot" of them available. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  7. Trenino is kind of big for a laptop bag though. Have you seen one in person?
  8. it can fit a cat apparently xD
  9. It can fit a rather large kitty quite comfortably. (Not that he often gets the pleasure)
  10. i have not seen it in person, but the measurements seem to work. plus he carries tons of other stuff in his current laptop bag, so it should work. Just in case does SH let you return for money back?
  11. i dont think they do returns :3
  12. None of the Lesportsac outlets do returns. All sales are final.
  13. ouch...okay, well i told him the deal, and he'll be talking to them on monday...thanks for the info! :biggrin:
  14. I saw a bunch of them at Filene's Basement on Friday, so if you have one near you I would check it out! I believe they were around $195 there.
  15. What print was at Filenes? :confused1: Inferno?