tokidoki inferno infatuation... can't find any giocos!

  1. I haven't posted in here in awhile and I'm sorry if any of this has been asked/posted, but I couldn't find the search option.

    I only have a citta gioco which I adore it and carry it everywhere. This is the bag I saw in Urban Outfitters and obsessed over for months. Now I wished I had waited for the Inferno to come out, because it is more my style... But I can't find any in the gioco cut on eBay/online at all! I spent about $165 on my first one and don't want to spend too much more, but then again when I'm obsessed, I usually just cough it up and feel immensely guilty afterward....
    Any advice where else I should look?
    I live in South Jersey and there aren't really any places that actually carry tokidoki, so I have to order online usually... I'm a bit wary of eBay since there have been so many posts about fakes and would cry if I got ripped off :/ gahh.

    Also- what do you use to clean your toki bags?

    Thanks girls :smile: I hope to be a more frequent poster. I identify closely with anyone who loves cute asian-inspired things! :heart:
  2. they had em at the outlets but they got sold out :crybaby:i wanted one too. now theres just evilbay and their ridiculous prices.