tokidoki in VANCOUVER, BC - CANADA

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  1. i'm from vancouver, bc and i wanted to know if there were other places that sell tokidoki besides these places?

    - satchel shop
    - stoneridge
    - voltage
  2. ahh ok well I def. don't know ... I just wanted to say how cool it is that you're from B.C.! I went to Victoria last year and it was beautiful with super friendly people.

    I hope someone else who's from vancouver can help u out !!
  3. i LOVE vancouver! my godmom lives there and whenever we go visit her we have a BLAST! you're so lucky to be up there! anyways, i remember a tpf member posting something about a shoe store that also sold tokidoki bags...i dont remember what the name is but you could try searching the forums for it...its an old post so it may be a little hard trying to find it...good luck!
  4. there is a store on alberni st close to burrard that sells alot of tokis i think its called sequin? something like that. in north vancouver the market where the sea bus is has tokis too. but i buy from satchel because they have the lifetime zipper warranty.
  5. lifetime zipper warranty?? niiice!!
  6. ohh awesome thanks
    i live on georgia and bute so that's right in my area. i'm gonna go loookkkk. thankss :heart:
    and i had no idea satchel shop had that! good to know.
  7. yeah that's stoneridge! the shoe store last they have a pirateo gioco in the window but sadly i dont like that print.
  8. ya it is nice but the prices are quite high. i think i saw the zucca for 245 cdn. its only 184 american. i went to voltage it was 220. i think the popular styles the prices are higher. i bought gioco for 195 cdn when its 160 american. and i got the canguro for 125 when its 108 american. i think the canguro is reasonably priced the rest that i bought i think is overpriced but when u think about it lifetime zipper warranty i think its worth it. i think the satchel shop in richmond centre has the biggest selections than any store in greater vancouver. but it is weird because different stores carry different styles i know if you are looking for the luna voltage has it and satchel doesnt. the store on alberni has the BV in bianco and satchel doesnt.. satchel carries basically the common ones. so you gotta look around if only i knew about the other stores i wanted the BV in amore but satchel only had mamma mia.
  9. let's trade cuz i wanna be in the bay area! haha
  10. baybepat - wow umm I guess I won't complain about the prices of toki bags here in the U.S. anymore now that I see how they're jacked up everywhere else.

    and it sounds kinda complicated to buy bags where you are ... meaning that you have to go to certain stores for certain styles ...

    I do like the whole lifetime zipper warranty tho. I mean for sure in time all the color is gonna wear off the rainbow zippers and it'd be cool to be able to get em replaced. :yes:
  11. Hey, a fellow Vancouverite! Well, technically I'm in New West...
    So far those are the only places I've seen, but if I find any more I'll give a shout.
  12. ooo what tokidoki stuff do you own? we should have a vancouver meet-up and go for bubbletea / sushi MMMMMMMMMMMM :heart:
  13. at the satchel shop when the guy was unpacking the l'amore stuff a month ago he told me that richmond has a lot of tokidoki since the target market is asian and asians love it. i'm not asian and i freaking love itttt and think satchel shop at pacific centre should carry more!
  14. ya richmond does have the biggest selection of all satchel shops in greater van haha it probally is true but im asian.. and i live 5 mins from richmond centre lol!! if u walk around parker or aberdeen u will see so many tokis at the night market too.. you should go there they have alot more choice. and when u say u want the bag and ask if they have more they ususally bring out all of them and they have atleast 4 + more in their closet things.
  15. Resin
    I only own the one Tokidoki and it is the style that Chicki carries...the pink with the singular girl on it. The people at Voltage are very nice and if you join their mailing list they do have promos from time to time. They have a lot of toys and clothing...but as far as the bags go, I think they do through them quite quickly.
    Judging from the amount of Tokidokis I see around here, there would be enough of us to fill a coffee shop!