Tokidoki in Seventeen

  1. I just picked up the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, and guess what I saw in it...a Famiglia Dolce! This is the first time I've ever seen a Tokidoki bag in a magazine:smile: Has anyone else seen Tokidoki in magazines? (I hope no one posted this yet, sorry if they did!)



    (Sorry for the bad quality pics!)
  2. Very cool..i've never seen it in a magazine, but then again I dont read magazines lol..the only things I've ever seen in print really are toki ads lol.
  3. I can't really read because of the flash on the picture, but does it say you can get that famiglia bag on ? I wonder if that means they will put the famiglia up soon and maybe tutti? That would be nice.
  4. i saw that too.. i just got the magazine!!!!! n i have seen tokidoki in a magazine before once in Teen Vogue thats how i actually found out about tokidoki... it was the 1st print if i can remember correctly.... haha i got excited when i saw it!
  5. That's :supacool:!! I read a ton of magazines and have never seen toki advertised before!! Thanks for sharing.

    Now I'm :confused1: though, you think tutti & famiglia will be available online or just famiglia?? :push:
  6. Me too :yahoo:
  7. That's awesome! Thanks for posting Paintingneko!! Now I am going to have to ask my sister very nicely if I can have that page from her magazine.
  8. oh that's so cool!! I've never seen toki in a magazine before!!
  9. Which month's issue is this in?
  10. O:huh:...very nice! Makes me love my FAMIGLIA DOLCE now, I was going to sell it,
    but now i'll keep it...:love:
  11. adorable. i still don't like the famiglia print too much, but i'm sure there are others who love it :smile:

    i may have seen some publicity for tokidoki but maybe a longggg time ago, before i even thought it was worth the $$$.
  12. Aww yay.. even though I'm far from 17 anymore.. haha.
  13. Snapcat:
    Sorry about the flash :sweatdrop:, but yes it does say

    It is the september 2007 issue (has ashley simpson on the cover)

    Cute dolce! It makes me want one now! I'm more of a big bag girl, but I want to try carrying around a small bag again and see if I like it :yes:
  14. aww, the dolces look so cute!

    I am far from 17 to, but I occasionally like to look in that magazine =) They have kewl stuff!
  15. Here's a few scans from mags, mostly Asian mags. Tokidoki is HUGE is Asia esp. Taiwan, Korea, and Japan! I see a lot of Singaporean Tokidoki lovers in the forum too! I don't really see that many mags spreads from the US though.