Tokidoki in San Diego?

  1. I noticed there's a lot of people from SD on the forum, would any of you happen to know if there's anywhere in SD that I can still find an L'amore zucca, stellina, or denaro? I think I've seen everything but those three in L'amore here. I'm also wondering if there's anywhere I can still get inferno/citta in a store, or is it too late for those?

    I live right by UTC, so I've been there, Fashion Valley, and Mission Valley - to the Macy*s and Bloomingdales. Do any of the Nordstroms in SD carry tokidoki? I always look when I'm at UTC, but I've never seen any. Does the Loehmann's at mission still carry tokidoki? I walked through real quick, but I didn't see anything at all.

    I'm heading east tomorrow, over to grossmont, but are there any other places I should check out? Is there any tokidoki at Horton Plaza? I've never been to the North County Mall. Is that worth visiting?

    I'm at the mall all the time, but I rarely go anywhere but UTC and Fashion Valley because they have everything, so I'm a complete newbie when it comes to other places. Thanks so much for any info!
  2. I've been looking for a L'amore Zucca as well, and haven't been able to find any. I did see some stellina's at Horton Plaza Macy's about a 2 weeks ago. I think I also saw them in the Plaza Bonita one too. I would call though before wasting a trip.

    I never see toki's @ the Nordies here also...thought I might be looking in the wrong dept.

    I go to Fashion Valley a lot because it's near my work....this past Tues. I did score a Tan Playground Bella there. How lucky was that? The SA found it while they were cleaning for their 4th of July sale!:yahoo:
  3. I found my Lamore Zucca at Macys Fashion Valley about a week ago, but it was one that someone had returned. All Macy's have Toki, but I've only found one at a Nordstroms (in the sale bin too!) and that was in North County. Last time I went to Mission Valley they had Fumos in on sale. And Loehmanns had one Citta Braccialetto. But good luck with your shopping!
  4. last time i went to the mall in carlsbad and the macy*s had a l'amore zucca.. maybe it's still there!
  5. About 3 weeks ago, I saw a L'amore Zucca at the Carlsbad Macy's. I returned a L'amore Stellina with awesome placement to the Macy's at North County Fair a few weeks ago. I was going to post an thread asking if anyone wanted me to put it on hold for them, after I returned it to Macy's. In hindsight, I should have done it since I'd like to know that an awesome bag went to a loving home. The selection at Macy's in Carlsbad for L'amore was great. They had Canguro and Bambinone. At NCF, I saw two L'Amore Ciao Ciao bags. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  6. Like, a week ago, macys utc had a GREAT selection of amore! i saw a zucca there! i think someone posted about snagging it though, but i would definately check for a stellina asap!
  7. I was just @ the Plaza Bonita Macy's tonight and they still had 3 L'amore Stellina's.:smile: I have yet to see any Denaro's @ Macy's :sad:
  8. anyone seen famiglia yet? ive called but to no success :sad:
  9. Which stores did you call?
  10. Oh...they also had Famiglia @ the Plaza Bonita Macy's as well. I saw a Campeggio, Gioco, Stellina and a BV. They also had a Zucca, but it's sold me. :p
  11. i called fashion val macys and utc, the only stores im near...:yes:
  12. I found a L'amore Zucca at the Grossmont Macy's today, with excellent placement too! I saw a couple stellinas at Horton Plaza, but they all looked terrible. I wonder what the placement is like on the ones at Plaza Bonita... maybe I'll have to check it out this week.

    I saw no Famiglia anywhere I went today - Grossmont, Parkway, Fashion Valley, Mission Valley, Horton Plaza and UTC.
  13. When I asked an SA last week at the NCF Nordstrom, she said that Nordstrom at Fashion Valley carried Tokidoki. I haven't seen any Nordstrom in SD carry Toki except for a few random return items. I am not sure if she was misinformed or if Fashion Valley Nordstrom has bags. Anyone shopping at FV may want to check.

    BTW, I saw a Citta Canguro at the San Marcos Loehmann's a few days ago.
  14. Last time I checked, they didn't. But this would be excellent news! :graucho:
  15. I was told that they used too back when paradiso was out but not recently