Tokidoki in NW Florida?

  1. Hello everyone. I've been lurking here a while and just want to say what a wonderful community this is! I stumbled across Tokidoki a couple of weeks ago during a trip to Hawaii. Stupid me didn't pick up any then and now I'm stuck back in the Florida panhandle with no Tokidoki to be seen! I called the Macy's in Tallahassee to ask if they carried any and the girl told me they haven't carried that line "in over five years".

    Does anyone know of any other way (besides eBay) I could procure me some tokidoki goodness? Atlanta is about 8 hours from here and it's about the closest Tokidoki center I've been able to find.


    Thank you so much in advance!
  2. There is a place that sell stoki in florida... let me see if I can find it....

    Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery in Lauderhill.

    Hope that helps!
  3. 5 years? I guess they mean lesportsac in general.

    You could call up some outlets like LeSportSac Southampton, Woodbury Commons and Seattle. They have tokis in stock and are on sale: camo black and olive are 50% off while inferno, paradiso and fumo prints are 25% off. They do charge send which means you give them your CC # and then they mail you the bags. There is a thread with all the information on what styles are left in these prints.

    You can also call up JapanLA and see what they have left also. They also do charge/send. (u can find their info at

    And you can call up Pulse and see what they have in stock. They do charge/send as well and you can check them out at

    Also, you can check out and also. For this, it helps to have a coupon to get an extra discount. I know you said you called up your Macy's in Tallahassee but if they don't have it there, they can help you track it down at another macy's and that macy's can do a charge/send for you.

    lol .. longest post ever for me ... :biggrin:
  4. I see so many people talking about these outlets!! How do you contact them? Via email or telephone? Is there a contact person? I wish I had known about this forum when I was still in Hawaii!

    Thank you so much!! :heart:
  5. oh you can contact them by phone or email but phone is much more effective. Here's the info:

    LeSportsac Woodbury Common Factory Store
    690 Blue Bird Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    tel: 845.928.3328
    fax: 845.928.3905

    LeSportsac Southampton Factory Store
    19 Pond Lane
    Southampton, NY 11968
    tel: 631.283.1733
    fax: 631.287.2510

    LeSportsac Seattle Factory Store
    10600 Quil Ceda Blvd #820
    Tulalip, WA 98271
    tel: 360.654.3520
    fax: 360.654.3521

    At the SH outlet you can ask for Lindsey .. she's super nice and helpful. I also hear that Diane is great too.

    I don't know who is good at the other 2 outlets but I'm sure anyone there would be helpful.

    Good luck!!
  6. also,
    Tobi has a 10% code until June 30 -- enter 'HITOBI' at checkout.

    Fill out Planetfunk survey for a 10% off discount code to be emailed to you [they have some bags&shirts].
    Karmaloop has a few adios star bags left [take 20% off with rep code RT14556].
  7. ohhh and if you just read the other thread about the Seattle outlet ... if you want an original print bag HAVE TO CALL NOWWWWW ... hahaha :biggrin: